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Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

DC went all in with this one, as they spent a long time building up to it. With Batman vs Superman basically being an introduction to this film, Wonder Woman has hit our cinema screens and I finally managed to go check it out. What will the clay-made Amazonian bring to the table in terms of story, style and substance? With previous DC films having been criticised so heavily, it was refreshing to watch something that meant a lot to people. As always, buckle up and read on, because here’s our full review.


Studio DC Films
Genre Superhero, Action
Cinema Release June 2017



The Amazons of Themyscira lived a peaceful, but proud life as a warrior race. They would fight to train for any impending assault, as well as go about their day to day lives. With no men on their island, there was no evil, nothing but peace. Amongst the warriors was Diana, the only child on the island, who was being taught to be a decent person, without the need for war. Diana saw the Amazons training and always wanted to join in and slay Ares, the God of war. He corrupted man and made them fight one another, causing so much misery and anger in the world.

She knew nothing of the world away from her island, which was protected by a mysterious fog, preventing men from finding it easily. After a plane crashes in the sea surrounding Themyscira, with a man stuck inside, Diana who had begun her training leapt in to save him from drowning. Upon rescuing the man, the first she had ever seen, more men appear at the island and threaten the Amazons way of life. Seeing the pain and misery caused, Diana wants to leave the island with the man, to help end the war.

Animation and Style

I feel daft. I didn’t think Gal Gadot would have made a good Wonder Woman. I thought she was too small, as Wonder Woman was, to me, all about strength and power. Muscular, broad and a strong example of diversity in design for women. She represents what we don’t usually see, where a woman is allowed to be less dainty, which was my major concern with Gal Gadot. However, watching her carry Steve around on the screen was enough for me to realise that maybe she was a perfect match for Wonder Woman after all. I was thoroughly impressed by this rendition, which is a theme throughout. The men looked small compared to her, which is an excellent visual decision. As a slight aside, whilst war was dark and gritty, Wonder Woman stood out, bright and courageous.

As for the animation, it was really well done. From her whip, which gives off a brilliant light, to the fight scenes themselves, the film was masterfully put together. The only criticism I had on this front was in the form of a sword plunged through someone – When there was no blood visible on the tip. That makes more sense when you see the film, but effectively that was literally the only absolute minor slip-up in the entire film for me from a style perspective. Even this could be explained away anyway, so it’s not even a huge critique.


Beautiful and well thought-out, the music was a nice compliment to the film, rather than a dull note. It sounded fantastic, allowing the film to excel in building the strength of the character, along with her compassion. War time wasn’t treated like an afterthought in the movie either, offering a sharp contrast to the otherwise peaceful nature that Diana was accustomed to. It sounds as beautiful and vibrant as the design direction looks.


Well colour me impressed, that was a truly wonderful film, if you’ll excuse the pun. But one thing felt a bit off to me, which was the hype I saw from everyone online. True enough, this may be DC’s greatest product in years and I say that with a straight face, it truly was exemplary; but the hype that went around it felt over inflated. See, it was an excellent as hell film, but the ending really dropped the ball! It went from a film of empowerment, to a film that actually stopped Diana from cementing herself as a true hero. I mean, many will likely disagree with me here, but the ending effectively said “No, all we need is love”, which felt like a very weak excuse for an ending.

In a battle between actual Gods, we shouldn’t say “love always wins”, as otherwise what is the damn point of different Gods? “Oh jeez, I guess she told me love wins so I had best die as I am a God of war.” Weak ending, however that does not mean that I didn’t enjoy it. I absolutely loved the film and am looking forward to a sequel… but please, all people who cry out in defence of the film saying it was perfect, nah uh. That ending was weak, which is a strange way to end this review. Regardless, top notch film, with only one faltering point – It certainly captivated me, as the time just flew by! Let us know what you thought of Wonder Woman in the comments below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


2 responses

  1. Chris Scott

    I liked it a lot too. It is a great throwback to a more optimistic type of superhero film.


    July 23, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    • Absolutely: The fact she was so, excuse the phrase, wonderful throughout was because she was ready to help. She wanted to help. She had no hesitation to help. I just think to put the message “love wins” at the end was a little bit too cliche for my liking. The only thing that soured it for me, because otherwise it was nearing on perfect!

      Liked by 1 person

      July 23, 2017 at 3:39 pm

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