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GeekOut Bristol Meet – July 14th: VIDEO GAME HELPLINE

The problem with an addiction is that it’s hard to admit it – Although let’s be honest, if you’re addicted to video games then you’re probably doing alright! We once again got our behinds to the Old Market Tavern, where we met up for some food and drink, board games and video games, as well as comics and books and so much more. People were chatting all night long and we got a nice number of attendees once more. As always though, we’re here to show you what happened throughout the night and to give you a bit of insider knowledge about next months event. Interested in what we did? Read on!

As always, we had our pre-meetup which was at Five Guys this time. Because this is really a fast food chain, but just made slightly fancier and at a restaurant price, we decided to shorten the amount of time at the pre-meetup (a good idea, too, as any longer and we’d have been mind-numbingly bored!) Still, the food was tasty and the chats were rolling. We got introduced to some new people and some of our regulars too. It was a great chance to start the day off. We then headed on over to the Old Market Tavern for 2pm, where all of the games were already there and waiting. As such, we were able to get going, playing games and getting our chats on as always.

By the time evening rolled round, we had around 58-60 people, it was at one point a bit tricky to figure who was there to join us and who was just there for the pub – But to be fair, we’re a major part of the pub’s life now, as you’ll see in the lights that spells out the words “geek out”. Still you’re here to check out the pictures of this months event, so check it out below:

Our competition for the month was a video game tournament, which started at 7pm and went all the way until 10pm! We had 4 rounds of games, where it started with a simple challenge of getting through World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros which was on the 3DS. People were paired one on one and whoever made it through fastest won their one on one! This was followed by a score challenge of Tetris in 60 seconds. The third game was The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth on Greed Mode as Isaac. This proved difficult, but a fair way to knock people out as no one had played any/much of the game at all. Also, people were playing with the Steam Controller. Finally, for the 3rd place match and the 2nd and 1st place, we had games of Mount Your Friends – a great laugh!

That’s it for this months gallery post, but as always, please do leave us a comment below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Let us know: were you there? Did you enjoy yourself? Were you not there, but find these events interesting? Want to know more about what I do as the organiser for the GeekOut Bristol Meets? Share your thoughts and let everyone hear your fandom roar.


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