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GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 12th: TALKING TOLKIEN

18+ Event

J.R.R Tolkien was a wordsmith whose worlds have captured our imaginations for years; a writer whose works got three massive movies, before three more slightly-big-but-not-quite-the-same-as-the-first-three movies. An expert who creates a fantasy world unlike any other.

So whether you’re coming along as you want to just play some games, or if you feel like having a social meet after your Elevenses, it’s time for another exciting GeekOut Bristol Meet!



GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet – July ’17

July brings GeekOut Shrewsbury a change in format, no longer divided between two venues, we instead begin at 14:00 at Monty’s Tower and stay there until we’re good and ready to leave… Midnight. Usually slightly earlier. For the determined, the keen, and the early risers, we met up at the Coffeehouse for a fond farewell and a thanks for the memories, and brownies, and for being generally nice people. (more…)

Top 10 Traitors

GeekOut Top 10s

Turncoats, deceivers, double agents, and no good saboteurs; No one likes a traitor, unless of course they’re betraying the bad guys, then it’s fine I guess. We’re here once more to share with you our Top 10, where this week we’re looking at the Traitor. A powerful plot device, a great way to further a story – But all in all, always something you least expect… Or at least, we hope you didn’t see all of these traitors coming, as otherwise you may have been disappointed by the writers choices to make them traitors in the first place! Anyway, here’s our list for this week! (more…)

Video Game Review – Killing Floor 2

Wanna get chased around by Zombies on a series of different maps? Thought Killing Floor 1 was too tough for you? Well Killing Floor 2 is here, but it’s no easier! Grab some friends, buy some guns from the trader and get ready for the next wave, as we’re looking towards the last wave, to fight any boss that comes our way – But how does this compare to its predecessor? Our full review is here!


Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Coming to Bristol & Wells

Splendidly entertaining live theatre with a geeky twist? It can only be the Festival of the Spoken Nerd! The show is run by three comedians, whom are all specialised in a wonderfully nerdy niche. Our hosts are Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney, who all add their own unique touches to the show. If you’re looking for something to tickle your funny bone in the Bristol or Wells area, or you just want to enjoy an evening of nerdery and songs, then read on!


JapanCrate: July ’17 – Summer

We’re back with another edition of our JapanCrate unboxing and yeah, we’re a little bit late. It’s been a busy month, but as always JapanCrate arrived on time. It was once again the premium crate that we received, so it can take a little while to get through it all. If you’re interested in these kinds of crates, or if you enjoyed last month’s article, stick around and read on, as we’re going to look at July’s box, talking about the highs and lows. Ooh, it’s time to get stuck in!


Re-Skinning D&D Creatures

Wizards of the Coast have broken some of their former habits. No longer does their release schedule include Monster Manual after Monster Manual, catalogues and folios, instead they’ve turned their focus to stories, campaigns that spark the imagination and drive creative thought, each coming with a range of monsters, player options, magic items and ideas for Dungeon Masters and players alike. And it seems to be going rather well.

But if you’ve grown tired of recycling the same old classics and staples from the Monster Manual, and even grown sick of the additions from various extra sources like Volo’s Guide and the campaigns, here’s a few ideas on re-skinning a few of those monsters you’ve done to death. (more…)

GOVG – Video Game Night #7

DISCLAIMER: This is an ONLINE ONLY meetup.

Please do not message me asking where everyone is going to be for this meetup. This one takes place at your desk/sofa, on your PC/laptop. PC/laptop will be required, but if you wanna just chat, feel free to join us. We’re a fun and friendly bunch of geeks who are happy to chat about everything geeky!

Well folks, this is it. This is the last GeekOut Video Gamers you’ll see… For a whole month! In August, we won’t have a GOVG Video Game Night, because we’ll be busy with a convention and other such things. So, make the most of it this month! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, come play some video games with us!


Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

DC went all in with this one, as they spent a long time building up to it. With Batman vs Superman basically being an introduction to this film, Wonder Woman has hit our cinema screens and I finally managed to go check it out. What will the clay-made Amazonian bring to the table in terms of story, style and substance? With previous DC films having been criticised so heavily, it was refreshing to watch something that meant a lot to people. As always, buckle up and read on, because here’s our full review.


Top 10 Family Feuds

GeekOut Top 10s

Blood is thicker than water, but to be honest there’s no circumstance in which being thicker is better… except in sandwiches, and we all know that blood doesn’t keep us from conflict. In fact fighting in a family is often more brutal than a standard grudge match, there’s always history, and the feelings get hurt long before the bruises show.

So far as storytelling goes there’s rarely more bitter rivals, or more hated nemeses than a parent or sibling. Join us as we take a look at games, films, television, literature and more to find the Top 10 Family Feuds.