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Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super

The Z warriors are back once again, but this time they’re going universal – or, well, cross-universal. Fans of the classic Dragon Ball Z,along with the original Dragon Ball will likely enjoy the new additions to the franchise, but what about for the casual observer? We’re ready to get Super in the latest instalment; Dragon Ball Super. It’s definitely a new adventure, that’s for sure.


Release Date
October 2016
Genre Martial Arts, Action
Crunchyroll Link
Dragon Ball Super



Similar to Dragon Ball of old, Super focuses on stories in saga format, so we’ll break down the two major Super sagas.

The first major arc follows the stories of Battle of the Gods; where Goku learns to control his newly acquired Super Saiyan God form. It’s hugely powerful, but can only be used in relatively short doses. Upon working with Beerus and Whis, Goku’s skill with the form improves. With this power however, new more powerful people from other universes make themselves known. It turns out there’s quite a number of powerful warriors across the multiverse.

In the second arc, Goku is getting restless knowing that there are so many powerful fighters out there – He wants to take on the best of the best in all of the known galaxies. The known universes are each ruled over by a supreme Kai, as well as a god and an angel – Reaching out to all of them via someone Goku calls his friend (only the god of all them gods!), a cross-universal tournament is made! However, things won’t be so easy… as the losing universes will be erased for their troubles. Good work, Goku!

Animation and Artwork

Super does some things right and some things wrong. It manages to make new designs look crisp and clear, but in losing the grittiness, it’s lost that intensity that Dragon Ball is renowned for. The grittiness isn’t the only missing quality; there’s much less definition on the characters as a whole. From a somewhat infamous animation blunder, to a few moments of rushed artwork, it feels like Super is rushing to keep up. Still, when the artwork is good, it’s fantastic!


As is standard affair in Dragon Ball, the music is top notch and the voice acting is great. The only complaint I have with the voices is in Goku, but please don’t tell me about how the voice acting is great, because it’s the original Goku voice actor – I know all this and I respect it. However, he has sounded so lady like in this series, that when you look at him, there’s a disconnect between voice and appearance. It’s like if Heihachi had the voice of Xiaoyu, it just doesn’t work.


In the nicest possible way, there were moments in the first half of this series when I wondered why they even bothered, as it felt quite amateur. There was janky animations, somewhat uninspired and an even tedious story and it worked to make Goku… quite an unlikeable character overall. However have you noticed just how short this review is for us? That’s because there’s not too much to say for a typical anime fan – it works fine. Dragon Ball Super excels at one thing in particular though: Character Development. This is the series where you can learn more about Android 18, or even more about Hercule and even Gohan than ever before. Okay, sure, you could learn a lot from the old series, but Dragon Ball Super takes that likability up to 11.

But, perseverance prevailed once more, as once the cross-universal tournament began, the series really upped it’s game. It’s no Dragon Ball Z, but to have a new Dragon Ball series running in 2017 is a good thing. But what did you think about Dragon Ball Super? Have you enjoyed seeing Goku as a bit of a bad father, who is more focused on developing himself? Do you like the goofy antics? As always, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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