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Improvised D&D – Tales of Adventure

Sessions of D&D are usually not short. Any session that I have been to has ranged between 2-4 hours in general, so I was intrigued to go and see a specifically designed 90 minute D&D base show at The Improv Theatre in Bristol. I was very interested to see how this would work and being a fan of things like Critical Role, and the Acquisitions Incorporated sessions I had no idea how they would make it work and was very pleased with the result.


D&D & Improv

As any good D&D player knows a plan can go horribly wrong and plan B can equally save the day or just make matters worse. A lot of the time any DM or player can be making things up as they go along so you can see how D&D and Improvised theatre can go together like two peas in a pod. It’s common in any show to take suggestions from the audience and as you wait for the show you are encouraged to write down suggestions for magical items that the cast can somehow work in. This does make the DM’s job just that little bit harder and the game slightly more chaotic but that is not a bad thing in my book. The show aims to balance the art of storytelling and comedy at the same time. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with the cast after the show and talking to them about the show, their relationship with D&D etc.

The Backstory

I joined the story at episode 2 of 3. The players on their way to the city of Silvercrown in search of adventure enter the town of Cahli. Cahli is a town living in terror of some creatures only known as The Night Things. Creatures that only come out at night and killing anyone in sight. They link the attacks to the disappearance of a local wizard going by the name of Tizun Thane. The heroes decide to try and help on the quest to fame and fortune travel to Tizun Thane’s mansion and only to find the wizard dead.

The Characters

Trym TosscobbleHalfling Rogue – Having lost her parents at a young age. Trym was raised on the streets, quickly learning to look at for herself by stealing from others. Played by Cat Murphy (@flyoufools)
Reverend HatchettHuman Cleric – Retired from the army the reverend turned to religion. Now he spreads the good word through sermons and noble deeds and occasional bursts of ultraviolence. Played by Tom Bridges (@twm_bridges)
Geoffrey BanjoHalf-elf Bard – Earning his living as a travelling conman. Geoffrey hopes to one day find fame and fortune by writing the epic ballad of his own adventures. Played by (@TheSPBrown)
Bagsi BadlyHalf-orc Paladin – From her early days saving her hometown bourgeois oppression. Bagsi has risen to gruesomely murder evil wherever she finds it. Played by Alice Taylor-Matthews (@AliceTaylorM)

Come along to the final show on June 16th 2017 held at the Bristol Improv Theatre (@thebitnet) for £5. Doors open at 7 pm. The team are planning a second season which is really interesting and if they ever want an “extra” player I am only too happy to put my name in the hat. As you can hear from the interview the team love feedback and anything you send to us via the comments section or over on Facebook or Twitter we will happily pass onto them.


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