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Archive for April 18, 2017

My First Murder Mystery

I’ve heard a few things about Murder Mysteries that didn’t have me completely sold on the notion, and while I’m aware that quality varies from group to group, when a friend of mine laid out her plans for her own mystery evening it took very little effort on her part to convince me to join in. Honestly I was sold before she was done talking:

A mixed group of actors and role-players are plunged into 1920’s London, given an in-depth character, complete with history, motivations, a full account of the evening of the murder, and a deep dark secret that could throw suspicion upon you, and give you a reason to have desired the death of author Anthony Body. My character was Benedict Andrews, publisher and consultant with no love of Anthony’s drinking habit, but more frustrated by the blackmail. Benedict has been taking the transcripts of aspiring authors and publishing them under his own pseudonym, and Anthony found out. (more…)