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Anime Review: My Hero Academia

Looking for more superheroes in your already super life? Think you’ve got room for watching a superhero fork before your very eyes? Ever wondered what they teach superheroes? In which case, this may very well be the anime for you – It can only be the hugely popular My Hero Academia, a series I have been asked to watch many times, by many people. Will it be as super-good as everyone makes out, or is it a super-flop? Read on to find out more!


Release Date
April 2016
Genre Superhero, Action
Crunchyroll Link
My Hero Academia



Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Looking up to those with superpowers, in hopes to help those who are less fortunate? Many people think this way, but in a world where superpowers, known as ‘Quirks’ are commonplace, being a superhero is pretty tough business. It’s also fairly common and seen as a viable career path for those with the right aptitude. Some people use their Quirks for evil, so it’s up to the superheroes of the world to get together to stop the evil doers before they cause too much harm for everyone, Quirk and Quirkless alike.

After standing up to a couple of bullies on behalf of his friend as a young child, Izuku Midoriya, known affectionately by friends and family as Deku, is a Quirkless boy who looks up to heroes. Ever since he was very young, he would watch and re-watch his favourite hero, All Might, stand up against a super-villain who was causing trouble in the world, all whilst having a large smile on his face. Having been told that he’ll never gain a Quirk, as they often develop in children as young as three years old, Izuku Midoriya never quit his life-long dream of being a superhero. Even though doctors, his own mother who happens to have a Quirk and even his friends keep telling him no, after a chance encounter with All Might, Izuku persues his dream further than he ever thought he’d be able to. Will Izuku become a superhero?

Animation and Artwork

The animation is smooth and crisp, amongst the best I have seen in an anime I have seen in a very long time. Granted, the last anime I saw was Bananya, so that’s not necessarily a hard title to top. The smoothness of Izuku’s movements, the fluidity of the heroes all contribute to a strong animation style (well, most of them). I will say, there’s one superhero in particular, who is effectively a fire hydrant – He is not smooth. Still, he gets the job done, literally.

The artwork is fantastic – distinctive characters, strong and stylish art direction and all in all, a great representation of what a detailed and beautiful anime can look like. It’s not as stylish as Mononoke, nor is it as graphically detailed as Beautiful Bones, but it is a beautiful and believable world. As always though, seeing is believing – Here’s our usual gallery, do you can make your own mind up!


Wonderfully imagined, with a well thought-out composition, it’s got a fantastic soundtrack with a catchy intro and outro. From fast paced and pulsating music in action-packed emotionally charged scenes, to softer, more melodic music during the calmer ones. A particular highlight for me was a scene with our protagonist trying his very best to work out and improve himself, during which we hear music which honestly could rival the Rocky theme. Well, okay, perhaps not that far, but it was of similar tone.

Another high for this series are how different characters sound. We start with Deku who is quite a downtrodden guy, but who seriously grovels up to his heroes. Next up we have All Might, who has a different voice depending on what state he’s in. Without trying to give too much away, one moment he sounds strong, brave and honourable and the next he can sound somewhat dirty, weedy and shady. Characters voices truly feel like they belong; a quality not always shown in anime.


From the moment I started watching it, I ended up binge watching the show, as it manages to capture your attention effortlessly. You want Izuku to do well, as he’s ultimately just that likable. We’ve all been told “No you can’t” at least once in our lives. Following Izuku overcome the naysayers and pushing on, undeterred by people telling him “No”, is a lot of fun. I am glad he doesn’t get to learn about being a superhero or how to really realise his powers for some time, so it’s great seeing him evolve as a character. Also, there’s something oddly charming about literally being called Deku the whole time, considering the negative connotations the word brings.

As always, we’re keen to see what you all thought of our review and of course to chat about the series. Have you seen My Hero Academia yet? What did you think of it? As always, share your opinions with us in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Now, as an aside, I wish I could sound as manly as All Might does whenever I say “Okay” or “Yes” with a thumbs up. That’s a Quirk in itself.


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