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GOVG – Video Game Night #4

That’s right! This is our fourth month running these events now; it’s time to get ready for GOVG’s next event, the Video Game Night that you’ve all been waiting for. Or, y’know, it’s another video game night where you can come along and play some multiplayer games with a bunch of GeekOut geeks. Oh and have I mentioned that we now have GeekOut specific emoji’s which I’m lovingly calling GOmoji’s? Well, there we are.

Our Discord channel with our GOMoji’s!

How to sign up?

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GOVG – Video Game Night #4

Saturday, Apr 22, 2017, 6:00 PM

Your Desk – Discord
The Internet Wherever, GB

5 proud geeks Attending

It’s time for another Video Game night, which is great news, as we’re just about introducing our brand new GOMoji’s (Okay, that name won’t stick, but they’re GeekOut specific emojis).Join us on Discord ( for a night of fun and games. We’ll arrange a game for people to download in advance that’ll be …

Check out this Meetup →

You can join us over on Discord – Feel free to hit that Check out this Meetup button to sign up, or just turn up if you feel like it. We’ll be announcing which games we’ll be definitely playing (so feel free to download them in advance) in a couple of weeks. This is an event for PC gaming, as sadly not many games are cross-platform yet. In the mean time, leave us a comment below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit if you’re interested in knowing more about these events.


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