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GeekOut Bristol Meet – April 8th: ANIME, OH ANIME

They came, they saw and there weren’t many waifuus around. There was some amazing cosplayers, some excellent fandubbing and all in all, it was another successful GeekOut Bristol Meet. With a little over 60 people who came and went through the whole night, it was a great way for us all to get out there, to play lots of board games including a new one. Of course, Quiplash came out for another lot of laughs and boom – You guessed it – I ordered a projector, I set it up the night before, quietly confident and it failed. Nevermind, I’m going to get the correct adapter next time. But in the mean time, what were the highs and the lows of the night?

GeekOut Bristol is becoming famous for the after GeekOut Group Hug.

I regret to inform you that I didn’t get any/many pictures of cosplayers – For that, for all the cosplayers, I truly apologise. That was my bad – I was in costume too, so don’t you worry. Funnily enough, the costume I had, if anyone has pictures of it, is only a 1/2 complete costume that I will be taking to Kitacon. I’m happy with how it went for its first time, so hopefully in a few more months, that one will be fully complete. In the mean time, I’ll not give the game away for anyone who doesn’t know what the costume is. For too long, I’ve done that and then not followed through, so this time, let’s change that.

During the event, we introduced a new game: Code of Nine. This was a game with a very manga-esque art style about it, which I really liked. It came with an actual board, which is getting increasingly rare for cheaper board games these days, as well as lots of tokens and playing pieces. I’d critique the game for its very weak instructions, but once we had learned how to play it, we all got into the rhythm of the game and it was a lot of fun. Next week, you can expect a full review, hopefully along with a video about how to play it and a video review to go along with the written review.

Board games swamped our meets.

The competition was a little bit strange. I gave everyone a 30 second clip, which I took around and showed the whole event. As I walked around, people had to come up with ideas to fandub the anime. I gave them little to no context, however what I did mention is that it was a food anime. A lot of people were confused as to how what I shown them was a food anime at all, but there we go – That’s anime for you! Huge congratulations to our winners, thanks to everyone who got involved. Easter Eggs were handed out and boom – People seemingly had a great night and the Old Market Tavern appreciated everyone for being there. So really, we’re all winners here!

As always, you’ve come here for the pictures – I didn’t get many, but what I did showed that we’re still a healthy, thriving community of geeks. The South-West is well known for being incredibly welcoming, so hopefully you’ll come along next time if you didn’t get a chance to this month. Next months event will be announced officially soon, so look out for the next meetup article in the coming weeks. We’re also going to be doing our next video games night on the 22nd, so that’s going to be good fun! As always, share your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and let us know what you think about these posts. Should I be focusing on anything in particular?


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