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WrestleMania 33 – Timlah’s Summary

I love the wacky world of professional wrestling; so much so, I’ve written about it on numerous occasions. Either in passing, or as a full-blown review, it’s no secret that I love that industry and all of the weird and wonderful people who have come and gone with it. That’s what this article is really mostly about: the people who have come and gone with it. More on that later, but there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the retirement of the legendary Undertaker and if you hadn’t, you might be alone. It was one of those moments that shook an industry to its very core – So if you’re at least somewhat intrigued to know more about the whole show, read on. Otherwise, eh, hopefully you get a good insight about it and why I’d call Professional Wrestling fans equally as geeky as some of the other fandoms we cover on this website.

Championship Changes

As always in a WWE Pay-Per-View, one of the most exciting aspects is the suspense behind a championship title match. These matches can see championships change hands, or be retained by the current champion. Many people point out that “Wrestling is fake!” to which the obvious retort is “so is Game of Thrones, Smallville, any film you watch and even Eastenders, you insufferable little dolt”. I bring this point up because championships matter in context of the characters who are holding them. Wrestlers are like watching your favourite superheroes and villains take to a stage and have a campy pantomime infront of you, but with a lot more action, a lot more intensity and honestly in some cases like this Wrestlemania, a lot more emotion. God damn it I’m not still crying, shut up!

The Good

What a moment - The Hardy Boyz return and win the RAW Tag Team titles.

What a moment – The Hardy Boyz return and win the RAW Tag Team titles!

One of the most shocking title changes, which a lot of people who watch the industry with hawk-like eyes will have somewhat expected, came in the form of one of the most charismatic tag teams to travel the world. The Hardy Boyz, whose last run in the WWE was in 2009 for Jeff Hardy and 2010 for Matt Hardy, has been a very long time coming and we’re excited to see them back. They are highly entertaining, having literally had titles in many different companies in the past three months, they were even wrestling for another promotion the very night before Wrestlemania. For them then to return at the grandest stage of them all, it was a shocking moment that really tugged at the heartstrings of many fans and immediately changed how the future of tag team wrestling was looking on Monday Night RAW.

The Ugly

These projector powers are exemplary.

Meanwhile, a title change that wasn’t met so enthusiastically was Randy Orton dethroning his former “master” in Bray Wyatt. Now, typically a story where someone defeats a cult from within sounds like a good story for a good guy to win through, right? Well unfortunately, Randy Orton throughout this whole promo has looked terrible. He burned down the Wyatt Compound, to destroy a corpse. He kept telling Bray he was coming for him. He told Bray he was the real master or words to such effect. He ended the booking of AJ Styles, a man who was so popular in WWE television that no one cared that technically AJ was a bad guy. Yes, Randy Orton has been portrayed as a baddy, masquerading as a goody. To make matters worse, the match was wholely forgettable, except that Bray Wyatt has learned how to make the ring show some not so pretty pictures. We’ll never forget the mystical powers of projectors. Speaking of projectors, GeekOut Bristol Meet now has access to one.

Farewell To A Legend

The Undertaker laid down his iconic trenchcoat, hat and gloves.

Seeing the return of the Hardy Boyz meant that on RAW the next night, another tag team was introduced. I’ll let you catch up with all of the wrestling other than this show, in case you’re genuinely interested in all of it. Here’s the meat of why you’re here.

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker was scheduled for the main event of the show. The legendary ring announcer Good Old JR (Jim Ross), who has had a horrible month really, with the passing of his wife, came out to do the announcing. For the record, JR wasn’t under WWE contract, except for the match – He came back to announce this match. This was a major sign that something was going to happen in this match. Also, last minute, as in very last minute, this match changed from being a traditional singles match, to a no disqualification match. This was the second major sign that something was afoot.

The Undertaker character can now Rest In Peace.

After a match that was admittedly not the best for in-ring performance, it told a story unlike any other match had that night. It showed the legendary Undertaker was getting on and that age had caught up with The Deadman. It was a done deal – His time was up and after a gruelling match, which was still heavily entertaining, despite the botches. Roman bounced off the ring ropes three times, before delivering a final spear to this opponent for the pinfall. After that, he walked up the ramp and celebrated. When Undertaker got up, he was about to leave the ring, before returning and symbolically retiring from the world of Professional Wrestling.

Fireworks closed the amazing show!

This was one of the best wrestling events in the past 10 years for WWE. The stories were exciting, the results were at least intriguing. With the Deadman finally laid to rest, we can now look toward a future. Oh and don’t worry, old school wrestling fans… Roman Reigns received the loudest ever boos on Monday Night RAW the following night. He retired the phenom – and now he’s on a path to be booked as the biggest baddy. We’re talking HBK in Montreal heat. But, that’s enough about that – Have you seen Wrestlemania 33? Would you watch it if you hadn’t, or does wrestling seem like a big waste of time to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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  1. Roman Reigns got a lot of flack for beating Taker in the following RAW. So many boos.

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    April 7, 2017 at 2:42 pm

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