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Gamer Question of the Month – April ’17

We were asked by the lovely team over at the Later Levels if I would like to take part in doing a monthly Q&A, to open discussion about video games amongst bloggers. If you’re interested in joining in the discussion, leave us a comment below, or reach out to Later Levels. Every month here on GeekOut South-West, we’ll be sharing what the question of the month is, as well as what our answers to this question is and our justification for the answers.

What is the best video game Easter Egg?

This has been the toughest Gamer Question of the Month so far for me. Before this months question, we’ve had the Greatest Soundtrack and the Hardest Game. Those were pretty clear to me, as they were pretty obvious from my memories. But this one was a question that made me seriously think about it – There are so many really good Easter Eggs, that it was hard to choose just one. When I thought abut what an Easter Egg actually was, I decided there could only be one joke that was so silly, that I can’t help but chuckle whenever I see it. I now present to you, my favourite Easter Egg:

“There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.” – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It’s a simple easter egg which anyone who understands the concept of an easter egg can have a giggle at – Easter eggs are in-jokes left by the developers, usually for fans to find. For instance, in Monkey Island 3, there’s a dead pirate with a button that reads “ask me about Grim Fandango”, another game by the developers. Meanwhile, Rockstar took the easiest path to an easter egg. They decided to hide a message somewhere you can only get to by jetpack that tells people there’s no easter egg there. Simple, effortless, but very funny. Now you should “Go away!”

That’s it from me this month, but as always these posts are made to get us chatting. I must ask you: What do you think the greatest Easter Egg of all time is? Do you think this one sits up there, or is it no good to you? Remember to check out the original question over on Later Levels, then don’t forget to vote for your favourite Easter Egg over on this poll. Finally, leave us a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.