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Android Gaming – 3 Cool Picks

Gaming has become a staple of smartphones, on Android, iPhone and yes, even Windows phones. As I only have access to an Android phone, I thought I would share three fun games that’s on Android. I cannot guarantee if they’re on another platform or not, but it’s worth checking for these three for various reasons. So check out these games when you next get space on your phone! They’re rather good fun.

Defend Earth (Download link)

Bristol-based developer Louca reached out to share his poke ‘n kill game about aliens coming to attack Earth. Not really much of a surprise with a name like that. The music is great, the art is quite nice and the game is pretty small overall. It’s just a simple game you can play to pass a few minutes of your time, or you can give to a child who needs something to calm them down a little bit. It’s not hard, but it’s all in all a nice enough game to pass some time. Also, to help you in your alien splatting, you can press the missile to make it explode and destroy everything on the screen at once. Nice!

It’s a bit of a tricky one to get your hands on too – You have to download the game directly from the developer’s website. This means you have to allow unknown sources to install it in the first place, then get the apk file on your phone and then you can install it. Hopefully he moves it to the app store in the not too distant future. One thing I noticed, you can keep your score going for quite some time by just swiping your finger back and forth, which I think makes it too easy, but if you’re looking for a casual alien defence game it’s good fun. Go beat my score, because I know you’ll ace it!

Postknight (Download Link)

Great fun little auto-attacking RPG, Postknight is a game about you being both a post-person and a knight. It’s super cute, it’s super colourful and all in all it’s worth a download. It’s quite a large game in comparison to Defend Earth, but the game is much bigger overall. You build up your character, with Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Vitality – All of which powers up your character in a variety of ways. You get access to a weapon, a shield and some armour.

The goal is to get everyone to return to the village, as they had all fled it due to rumour of a dragon attack. Well that never happened, so now they can all go back safely. From saving the Blacksmith, Alchemist and Merchant, you must upgrade your armour, do some quests, upgrade your stats and level up to become the ultimate Postknight. Check out Postknight on Twitter here or Facebook here.

Two Dots (Download Link)

I saw this one advertised on Facebook, so originally I was a little skeptical about it. Two Dots is one of those puzzle games where you connect two or more dots by dragging your finger across them. Sounds simple enough and it really is as simple as that, however there are a few things that make it stand out, such as making a square with your connections. This will wipe out all dots of the same colour that’s on the screen. A good way to wrack up that score!!

Although it’s very simple, there is enough challenge in it to keep you entertained. The music is rather nice and the sounds are fun enough. One thing that does bug me however is that you can accidentally skip a dot. What I mean by this is if you drag your finger slightly around a dot and touch the next one, it doesn’t register that previous dot. It’s no problem, you don’t get penalised for it, but it’s kind of annoying that I have to move my finger back to the previous dot to make a connection. They’re the same colour, give me that connection straight away, you crazy little Android game!

That’s all for Android games this month – Have you played any of the games listed here today? Are there any that really sound good to you, or are smartphone games nothing more than a momentary distraction for you? When do you find you game on your smartphone most often (and what model do you have?!) As always, let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit pages.


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