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TV Review: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Are you prepared to listen to a tale of serious misfortune and misery? The serial misconduct of those caring for three children; the Baudelaire orphans? Lemony Snicket advises that you are better off just looking away. But if, like me, you have a morbid fascination with watching things people tell you not to, this might be the series for you! So don’t adjust your screens, it is time to review Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events.



Three children called Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, collectively known as the Baudelaire orphans, have just lost their mother and father in a horrific fire which also burned down their family home. Alone for the first time, the children have to adjust to their new lives whilst constantly being harassed by the evil Count Olaf. But, as the children discover more about Olaf and his motley crew of actors, the more they discover about their parents lives. Just how does Olaf fit into the lives of their parents and what does this mean for the Baudelaires?

With Olaf after the Baudelaire family fortune, nothing will stop him getting his hands on it. From forced marriage, to murder, Olaf is one sadistic man who will stop at nothing whilst a collection of helpful people try to get the Baudelaire’s through such a troubling time in their lives. So, why not do as the theme song tells you and just look away?


Sometimes stunning, sometimes cheesy, but thoroughly entertaining. The show has very twisted visuals throughout, with some characters who are a breath of fresh air and some who you would rather never see again. But, before we go onto the characters, I just want to mention that CGI mouths on babies do not look good… to any budding film or series director, please consider something else?

With Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf, it’s astonishing how many looks he can convincingly pull off. From Count Olaf, through to his days as a secretary, he truly is an actor for the ages. I might just be saying that, so he doesn’t come on a murderous rampage in my general direction. But in seriousness, the cast in this Netflix Original is simply fantastic. Lots of potential in the second season which has now been confirmed.


Often a second thought when it comes to a TV series, but not in this case. The theme tune changes every episode, giving you a relatively quick synopsis of what happened the previous episode. Along with this, the voices used for each character is simply spot on. Don’t even get me started with the end of season song (I will not spoil that one for you. Yes, you really should watch the whole thing, it isn’t even that long). But the joyous part about the songs in this show is how they’re mostly sung by Neil Patrick Harris in his best Count Olaf singing voice. This adds to the sinister undertones of the show as a whole.


The Baudelaire orphans might have had some unfortunate events in their lives, but it doesn’t stop this being a damn good series. If you have a Netflix account and haven’t yet watched this, I implore you to go and take the time necessary to go and watch this. It’s pretty damn good, but that’s all I can really say without giving too many things away. You do not need to have read the books to understand what’s going on, but going into the show, I will just suggest you remember the letters VFD.

What have you made of this series (of unfortunate events)? Did you prefer this over the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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