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GOVG – Video Game Night #3

We’ve done alright recently with our GOVG nights, so if you’re looking for an event to pass the time this coming Saturday, then why not consider joining us for an evening of fun and games? We’ll be playing some free to play games, as well as some other games that people choose throughout the night. It’s always a good laugh, so if you’re up for joining a bunch of the GeekOut UK community for some laughs, then join us on Discord today.

Join us at:

Or on Facebook:

If you’ve never seen our GOVG nights before, we get a bunch of people together to just enjoy video games for what they are. We all love to hear from one another between the GeekOut Bristol and newly formed GeekOut Shrewsbury meetups, so why not consider coming along and getting to know some of us? We’ll be there from 6pm until midnight, where we’ll be doing a large number of different games. People at the last meet decided they wanted to get Team Fortress 2 going, so please make sure to download that before you start gaming with us on March 25th, as it’s a huge download file.

Click here to join us on Discord

As well as this, if you know of any free games that we should play through the night, then let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Are you going to be around for some gaming fun? What do you think of our games nights? Is there anything more we should be doing for these events? Let us know your thoughts!


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