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EliteMeet Bristol 2017

Every year, the community of gamers that enjoy Elite: Dangerous (the massively multiplayer space epic from Frontier Developments) come together for some face-to-face fun and gaming. However, this meet is so much more than just a gathering of Elite Dangerous fans. This year, the event is moving down to the South-West; so come along and have a look at what’s going down at EliteMeet in Bristol. This might be the event to satisfy your gaming and socialising itch!

Not just a gaming event, but also a charitable cause; EliteMeet is an upcoming gathering for fans of Elite Dangerous, technology and gaming in general. It’s more than just a social – You can get your hands on the latest tech from the Oculus Touch to the HTC Vive, try your hand at a multi-player starship bridge simulator and enjoy a live version of the Elite community’s weekly newscast., With board games, card games and more than a few computers, a space to get your game on and lunch is included in the price (optional dinner as well). All profits from the meet goes to a really good cause. In fact, it goes to two charities: SpecialEffect and Hearing Dogs, both of which are fantastic.

I reached out to the organisers of EliteMeet and was able to get some more information from them about the upcoming event.

April 1st 2017, Bristol, UK, Sol, somewhere near Alpha Centauri – The fourth community organised EliteMeet brings gaming, all things Elite: Dangerous and the opportunity to meet fellow gamers to the Mercure Grand Hotel in Bristol.  With representatives from Frontier, well known streamers like Kerrash and Fireytoad, demonstrations of the Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, VoiceAttack and HCS VoicePacks, an Xbox CQC Tournament and a range of board and card games – the day includes lunch and an optional dinner as well as a post-dinner cast recording of the Galnet News Digest and Hutton Orbital News.

Sponsored by HCS Voice Packs who produce voice packs for Elite Dangerous with versions from Tom Baker, Brian Blessed, Brent Spiner, William Shatner (and others), it’s a day and evening of enjoying gaming time with fellow enthusiasts, trying out the latest technology and meeting game developers to try out their latest offerings.

We also have a Raspberry Pi running the original “retro” Elite from 1984 for those that want to hark back to their mis-spent school days, or to experience the game in all of its retro glory for the first time!

As a community organised event, we’re raising money for SpecialEffect and Hearing Dogs, it’s the perfect opportunity to wing up for a day of gaming fun and all costs are going to the event itself and to charity.

For those of you who are unaware, SpecialEffect is a UK-based charity that is dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled people, by helping them to experience and enjoy video games. This includes people who believed they would never be able to play a video game, due to how their disabilities have affected them. With tools such as StarGaze, they are able to bring people back into the game. The team’s incredible EyeGaze technology will be on display at EliteMeet.

Hearing Dogs meanwhile is a charity to help deaf people, by providing them with a hearing dog. Helping over 900 people currently, Hearing Dogs helps provide a great level of care and companionship for deaf people. They help their owner with things such as listening out for a doorbell, or hearing if a fire alarm is going off. Seriously great cause, check ‘em out here.

So, if you’re looking for an event on Saturday 1st April and you’re in Bristol, why not consider going to EliteMeet? It sounds like a lot of fun and the event organisers are really nice people. Will you be heading to EliteMeet next month? Share your thoughts about this event in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Be sure to check out EliteMeet and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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