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Geek Radio – What’s Out There?

Are you really into listening to the radio, but as a geek you find it hard to enjoy the channels you listen to? Perhaps your music choices mean that you end up listening to people who are putting on a corporate show, yet really you know there’s a full blown geek scene behind the music? What about those of us who listen to genres like nightcore, are there stations for us? What about anime music stations? Recently, I found a small station by the name of The Cat which featured two hours of anime music, so it got me looking around for more geeky radio stations. After all, we’re really not a minority any more, no matter how much we’d like to cling onto that!


Let’s start with NekoDesu then – The aforementioned show from the station called The Cat. As far as I can gather, NekoDesu has been doing rather well on social media. In fact, people got all confused when NekoDesu started to appear as a suggestion on the Twitter trends timeline at the most strange of times. I remember when I first saw it on my sidebar, I sort of chuckled at that as a hashtag and curiously I clicked on it, only to find out I had missed all the fun and games. I missed the two hour slot and I oddly felt disappointed: Even though I wasn’t looking for an anime music station that day or indeed ever before. It’s not something I thought I’d look out for..! A few weeks later, I finally got to listen and it was great fun. The host was on point, talking to his audience via Twitter and presumably other places too, such as their website.

Granted, Crewe & Nantwich is a bit far out for the South-West: But we do love to look around for geeky things to do in England, not just in the South-West. Afterall, we’re looking to move into the west-midlands in the not-too-distant future, right @terraphi?


Even Kitacon produce a semi-regular radio show, which is a good way to get hyped up prior to the big parties the event throws. I like to listen out for when these are about to take place, so if there’s any underlying themes about to come up, I can sort of get a gague of it early. Besides, the music is usually incredibly good and the atmosphere is fantastic. Kitacon let people know they’re about to do a radio usually quite a bit in advance; they use it as a way to get people in the mood to party for when the time finally arrives – and they often share some important information, such as special guests, any changes to the event and more.

Geek radios have always been around – If you’re on Spotify, even the free accounts, you can listen to plenty of geek radio channels on there. After just a quick search of the word ‘Geek’ I was able to find a playlist of great geek music. However, as many of you are probably screaming at your screens right now, this doesn’t really count as a radio station per se. You are able to search for radio stations of different musical genre, although sadly there’s nothing on there to search specifically for a ‘geek’ station. It’s a shame, but there are so many people putting together such great lists, that we’d be a fool to have forgotten it.


Finally, I’d be a fool to have forgotten the pretty huge channel, Alpha Geek Media. These guys have been around for a little while now and they’re seemingly always on air, on at least one of their many channels. Go ahead, check them out if you just like listening to geeks chat as they chat to other geeks. Of course, most geeks chatting take to podcasts, however the geek radio is something that is still in a relative infancy – It’s time for that to be changed. Could you be the next big geeky radio station? Let us know about any geeky radio stations that you know of in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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