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GOVG – Video Game Night #2

Our first one was pretty successful all around, I’d say. We had people coming along to play video games from all around the country, let alone from Bristol. So if you’re a fan of what we do here on GeekOut South-West, why not join our Discord group? What games do we have, what will we definitely play and what are you excited to play at this months GOVG – Video Game Night? Let us know in the comments!


GOVG – Video Game Night #2

Saturday, Feb 25, 2017, 6:00 PM

No location yet.

3 proud geeks Attending

You know what sucks about modern life? The fact that we don’t all live in the same city, or even the same area of a city.You know what else sucks about modern life? The fact we’ve not advertised one of these events before! Hello everyone, I’m Timlah and I’m going to be your host during our video game day.Warning: Quiplash can be rather explicit….

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Click on our Meetup button to get involved, or just let us know in the comments. We’re also over on Facebook too!


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