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GeekOut Plays: Final Fantasy IX

Our YouTube channel is back into the full swing of things, with new episodes of Stonekeep going live regularly once more, it’s time to get inventive. We will be uploading new episodes of Stonekeep as well as our all new series: Final Fantasy IX! Okay, you probably already knew that from reading the title of this article.

If you’re a fan of JRPGs, grinding galore and epic adventuring, it doesn’t get much better than travelling with Zidane and friends. We join Zidane in a world of magic, technology and intrigue. War wages and the travelling troupe must not only survive, but help put an end to the hostility. From Thiefs, to Warriors and Black Mages, a Dragon Knight and even a rather hungry blue mage – The different jobs in the game makes team fighting interesting and varied.

Recently I have been playing through Final Fantasy XV; the latest incarnation in the Final Fantasy series. It’s a simple enough game, it’s fun, but it doesn’t feel like a Final Fantasy title. It’s a good game, but I couldn’t put my finger as to why it doesn’t work as a Final Fantasy game for me. Then it occurred to me… it’s got a lot to do with the system. I am happy to admit, I haven’t played Final Fantasy since X-2, which admits it’s different to the rest of the franchise, so perhaps that’s why I feel this way.

Stonekeep was our first major Let’s Play series which is still ongoing!

I missed the turn based combat, I also missed the feeling of being all powerful without pressing the shoulder buttons to bring out some random barrage of attacks in the form of ‘kings weapons’. In fact I really, really missed the fact that I had to meet new people to join me on my adventure. I miss forming teams and I miss learning lots about the heroes as they interact with one another. I dislike being a Prince who vastly outgrows his friends… because to me, FFXV is an action game with RPG elements.

I have now recorded the first episode of Final Fantasy IX, so I hope you join me through the main story. There will be bonus episodes featuring the grinding I do between levels. These will feature the amount of grinding time, the exp total and levels gained, for anyone even remotely interested in that side of the game. I will attempt the hardest bosses in the game, as well as unlocking as much as I can. Will I get my treasure hunter score to the elusive S-Rank?

Final Fantasy IX

One of the most interesting points of the world of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX, is the vast amount of mini- or side-quests. From riding Chocobo’s around a variety of different locations, to finding the world treasures, all the way up to playimg cards. Whilst Final Fantasy XV delivers on the side quests, it falls flat when you can see it all there. Exploration isn’t so much encouraged, but a part of the grind. At least you are free to make your own choices in IX.

There will probably be a LOT of episodes in this series – This isn’t a short game. Here’s hoping it can accompany Stonekeep in a meaningful way and here’s hoping there’s a lot of laughs down the line. This will be starkly different from Stonekeep, which has the shock factor going for me, as I haven’t played it the full way through before. This is a game I go back to play, time and time again. What do you think of the latest choice in game to our channel? Have you been looking forward to this one? As always, share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


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