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What I’m Looking Forward To As Press

One of the great things you get to do if you choose to write for GeekOut South-West, is to attend a convention or expo on our behalf. Of course, you have to arrange your own travel and accommodation but with a magical thing called a Press Pass, you will get into the show normally for free and also you probably won’t have to queue up too. Last year I took it upon myself to attend the Play Expo and managed to get two press passes to the show, having never entered an Expo as press before it was an exciting time. A few weeks have gone by since we applied for Press Passes for the UKGE, and just last week we got confirmation that our application has been accepted and that our names are on the list.


Being the UK’s biggest Hobby and Games expo I am sure there is going to be a lot of people to see and get through. There should be two of us going, I’ll need to meet Joel while I am up there and then we shall have to make some sort of plan to divide and conquer. The Exhibitor list is huge and I will admit that I only know a few of the names that are going. I always look forward to talking to creators, they are usually very humble people and do what they do for the love of doing it and not so much for profit. With any luck, we should be able to get some good interviews out of it telling you more about the products that we saw that excited us.

Grublin Games


In 2015 Grublin Games won the “Best Family Games” award for their game Waggle Dance and will be at the exhibiting at the UKGE. I found the company from Kickstarter looking at their now expired and fully produced game Cornish Smuggler. It turns out that they are soon to release a new game called Perfect Crime, they have been slowly releasing more information about the game through their Twitter and Facebook accounts and it does look like it could be a fun game. I managed to have a quick chat with their marketing person who told me that they may in the future have copies of some games to review. I offered the GeekOut community to be playtesters for their next game. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Perfect Crime is all about and talking to Grublin more about using our community for play-testing.

Z-Man games


How can you not get excited about the potential to meet the people who produce Carcassonne and Pandemic? Yep, Z-Man Games will be at the show and it will be interesting to check out some of their other stuff, especially the very tactile and odd looking KnitWit. It would be nice to talk to them too and see what they are up to.



Publishers of high-quality books and games, most of which are based upon literary sources. This includes the multi-award winning RPG Call of Cthulu. I know that Cthulu has begun to get a bit trendy these days but that does not mean we should stop loving it. So yes it would be nice to see what they are up to and see how they feel about the rise in popularity of Cthulu.

Meeting peeps


In the midst of any show, there is always a chance to meet random people. Be it fans of the website, other members of the press or any of the creators. Meeting the right person can open doors, it can give us as a website new avenues to explore, it can lead to anything. It will be cool to have a quick chat with Tabletop Gaming and see what they say about the rise in popularity in traditional gaming. So if you’re going to the Expo let us know and we shall see if we can catch up and say hi. We love meeting our friends and fans.

Why not take a look at the Exhibitor list and tell us who we should try and talk to. Who would you like us to interview with and more importantly what you would like to know from them? You can do this in the comments section or over on Facebook or Twitter.

Peace and love


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