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Video Game Review: Paragon

I’ve become pretty familiar with the MOBA genre within the past year. From Awesomenauts to Heroes of the Storm, it’s a genre that’s accessible to many people, yet quite intimidating for many others. If you’re not a fan of multiplayer games, this certainly won’t be a game for you – But if you don’t mind a bit of friendly competition (or co-operative fun), then this might be a game to look out for. Plus, it’s the only MOBA I know of that’s been developed in the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). This makes it quite different in terms of visuals from other MOBAs and trust me: It’s truly fantastic to look at… Well, it is, after you get over the initial hiccup.



Developer Epic Games
Platforms PC (Windows), PlayStation 4
Worldwide Release
August 2016
Genre MOBA, Shooter



Running motion makes the game a bit blurry looking - But originally, when I first started, the game was really blurred. This is down to configuration of the 3D settings.

Running motion makes the game a bit blurry looking – But originally, when I first started, the game was really blurred. This is down to configuration of the 3D settings.

Paragon is Epic Games take on the phenomenal genre, which has some of the highest numbers of gamers in the world. A successful MOBA has to have a diverse range of characters, with skins and abilities that make them stand out from one another. The platform of choice, UE4, is just incredible. It’s an incredibly solid engine, which has some truly beautiful effects it applies to the visuals. I was also expecting the game to be heavier than this on my computer, but considering it can run the game on maxed out settings, I’m pretty satisfied that the game isn’t all that heavy. As such, the game feels pretty smooth (After some initial judders when you first join a game).

Much like basically all other MOBAs in the world, Paragon requires you and a team of four friends/random people to defeat an enemy five-person team. Collectively, you and your team must rely on your minion allies to go and get into the enemies base and destroy the core. Before you can do this however, you must face off against powerful towers which can do a lot of damage to you and your minions. Together, you and your team mates must band together, take down the towers, then the inhibitors and finally the enemies core. You will fight solo in lanes, or you will group up and team fight with one another, depending on what the game calls for.


This is the best part of Paragon: Trust me when I say this – If you stick it out and can somehow get the rather strange settings system to work for you (and more importantly, stop the game from being blurry as sin,) then this is one of the most visually impressive MOBAs out there. No wait, let me change that: It’s the most visually impressive MOBA out there. Couple this with a very clean and intelligent GUI, you’re onto a winner. As always, you should be the judge of the visuals for yourself:



Actually, this is a little bit of a let down. The audio in Paragon is pretty bland overall, which is a shame. Whenever I played League of Legends, I absolutely loved the characters trash talking one another in a cutesy, usually punny way. Whenever I played SMITE, hearing the rather glorious voice of Ra was wonderful. When I played Heroes of the Storm, hearing the wonderfully silly ETC talk about how he’s rocking it was always great… And whenever I played Awesomenauts, the soundtrack for the game was truly epic. Sadly, Epic Games haven’t embraced any element of audio in a MOBA that makes it stand out. This is the biggest minus from me.

Mind you the main menu reminds me a little bit of Unreal Tournament, which, when I think about it, makes a lot of sense.




I won’t kid with you and say that this is the best MOBA ever, as it’s definitely not. However, it’s still in Open-Beta and it’s actually really good! I’ve actually enjoyed Paragon as much as I enjoyed SMITE. If you’re looking for an alternative to already established MOBA games, then this might be the right change in pace for you. Interestingly, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of aiming skill required in Paragon over other MOBAs, though I’m not sure if that’s just because of the size of every area in the game. See, in a game like League of Legends, the lanes feel big enough to fit a few people in… But in Paragon, it feels like every area should have a team fight. I’ve found, playing as Steel mainly, that if I am just slightly off, I’ll miss with my dash, which is a hugely important ability.

I thoroughly enjoy the increased size in the areas, but the map doesn’t feel too big. It’s almost as if the shooter-styled MOBA is actually the way the genre should evolve – and I’m already hooked. Now, I’ve got a 10 day booster… I guess I should get levelling some more? What do you think of there being yet another game on the crowded MOBA scene? Do you think that Epic Games have a good idea on what makes a MOBA work? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to message us over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and hey – If you want to play a game with me, just let us know and we’ll arrange a day/time!


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  2. Sad to see it doesn’t live up to it’s hype! What in your opinion is the best MOBA?

    Liked by 1 person

    February 18, 2017 at 1:16 am

    • Oh it does live up to the hype, but there are some obvious little issues they should address before the first major release. The balance seems right, but the meta of rushing through lanes doesn’t.

      As for best current MOBA, it might be SMITE. It’s highly enjoyable, very unique, great visuals and thematically intriguing :) In case you’ve not seen it, I reviewed it a while back:

      This is comparing it to the following MOBAs:
      League of Legends,
      DOTA 2,
      Heroes of the Storm,
      And I am sure I am missing a few :)


      February 18, 2017 at 8:34 am

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