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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet?

It’s been a long time coming, and fully a year of bold claims that the ever popular GeekOut Bristol Meet would eventually be getting the same in Shrewsbury. So why the hold ups? And what can Shrewsbury expect from a GeekOut Meet anyway?

Choosing A Venue

We’re much like any town in Britain, you can’t walk five minutes without passing a pub or two, and a wealth of restaurants and coffee shops. We don’t want for places where people can meet, that’s a fact, but how many of them are willing to accommodate groups of twenty, thirty, or even more without reserving tables.

Nor is Shrewsbury short on large spaces for rent complete with tables, chairs, and readily accessible refreshments. There’s a hall above the Claremont Baptist church, the Morris Hall, the Darwin Community Centre, all of whom have hosted e-Collectica Games Days. But those require money, meaning that we’d have to charge access and that’s not what a GeekOut Meet is supposed to be about.

So time is needed to speak to people and places, and to take a look at facilities. In Bristol, the Old Market Tavern has a secluded lounge for those just looking for a quiet refuge and more than enough space for regular patrons and… well, irregular patrons around the bar. Timlah has struck gold at home, and I have barely begun to start digging.

Other Groups

Shrewsbury is a tremendously geeky town! Seriously, there are so many geeks around here and we all seem to know one another via someone else, spinning social circles that are forever orbit with one another and yet little cohesion. If only someone would arrange some kind of social gathering for them all to get together, maybe with some board games.

Well there are at least three that I can think of without even looking. Shrewsbury is tremendously geeky, we all want to get together and meet one another, and there’s more than enough of us who have the time and resources to get a board gaming group or event together. e-Collectica’s own games day notwithstanding, they also work in partnership with The Bird in Hand pub for a regular, more casual evening, and those are just from my own social calendar.

Can GeekOut find a place amongst the others without forcing others out? Is GeekOut needed in a town so thoroughly equipped to cater for everyone?

What To Do

There’s so much to be considered when trying to create an event like this; is something needed to set GeekOut apart from all of the other groups around town, or is it enough just to offer geeks another outlet and place to gather? We don’t just stand for board gamers, we’re for everyone with a passion that goes beyond a few t-shirts. We host a book exchange for comics, manga and sundry others, video game competitions, and a place where all discussion is open.

In short, what do you want from a Shrewsbury GeekOut Meet, and how would you get involved?

Stick around, this is happening, this is not a drill. And this will be the first place you see the details.


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