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Discord: Gamer Chat Servers

Over the past year, I’ve gone from being slightly skeptical about Discord to a convert and indeed fan of the application. It’s a really simple premise: You go on there to join a channel that you want to join in with, or you can create a channel on there for free, in order to keep people chatting. If you and a bunch of your friends currently use Ventrillo, Team Speak or dare I say Skype, then you might want to consider this latest alternative. Yes, there’s even a GeekOut Video Gamers group on there, where if you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a GeekOut Video Gamers special event coming up on Saturday 28th from 6pm.

If you don’t know what any of the above means, don’t worry: That’s what this article is all about! We intend to bring you up to speed, talk about where you can find Discord and the benefits of it and spread awareness about our video gamer’s group (Seriously, come chat with us, we’re a really friendly bunch!)

What is Discord?


Discord, also known as Discordapp, is a desktop and mobile app for you to join into chatrooms with your friends and groups. You can chat to people via a really simple text interface, where you’re able to talk about just about whatever you want. The chatroom can consist of both text and images, as well as having channels dedicated for Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications. This means that all you ever did on Team Speak and Ventrillo can be done completely for free on Discord.

Discord allows VOIP communication, allowing you to hook up a microphone and jump into a channel and get chatting. It boasts powerful voice chat commands, including the ability to block and mute people in case someone is being nasty. Channels can have moderators to keep any issues to a minimum, but this is entirely set by the person who set up their Discord channel. If you choose to run a channel on Discord, you will be responsible for sharing the link out to your friends and associates. You can create an ‘unlimited link’, allowing you to get as many people who click onto your link to sign up, or you can create a limited time link, which allows you to link it to specific people within a time frame.

Impressively, Discord allows you to copy and paste images directly into the chatroom text. You can also add in your own comments/captions to go along with the image. This is especially impressive, when you consider all of this is free software. It’s powerful and robust, allowing you to chat the way you’d like to chat in a modern capacity. But, not only that, if you don’t want to download a standalone app, you don’t need to! You can use the browser client to chat to your friends on Discord, as there’s a fully fledged browser-based client. There doesn’t appear to be any real difference between the two, so if you’d rather not download yet another application, then you can keep it on the browser.

Want to join us?

Actual screenshot of our server

Actual screenshot of our server

Feel free to click this link to join the GeekOut Video Gamer’s group. We’re always looking to chat to more people, with 37 of us as of time of writing, we’ll be looking to expand further. A lot of us go to the GeekOut South-West meetups, but there’s a number of people on there who love to just chat and join in with the shenanigans. If you’re free on Saturday 28th from 6pm then come join us for a night of gaming. We’ll be doing some Quiplash, Drawful 2 and Cards Against Humanity, along with a bunch of multi-player games on the day, so everyone can get involved and make some new friends/play with existing friends. Do you use Discord? If so, what’s your favourite thing about the application? As always, leave your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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