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TV Review: Christmas 2016

Alright, there’s one last bit of ‘Christmas’ and ‘New Year’ to deal with and that’s what the TV was like during Christmas and the New Year. I specified Christmas, as they usually say they’re a Christmas special, even when they happen after Christmas is over for another year. Nevermind – As this year we had a hell of a treat on TV, as well as a highly amusing yearly wipe by Charlie Brooker. Now, don’t worry, we’ll mainly focus on the geekier of the three things I was looking forward to the most… But the purpose of this article is just to explain the why we have Christmas specials and why this year was pretty good, but certainly not the best year for them.

2016 was a sobering year for many of us, let’s be honest. We saw many celebrity deaths, which caused some people to (understandably) lash out about the media not giving enough attention to those being killed in the many extremist attacks. We saw traditional media not do it’s fair share of fair reporting during some incredibly important events that changed the face of both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Now, I never thought in my right mind that I’d start an article off in such a somber way, but that’s how the year went. Things happened, through lies and misrepresentation. It fills me with hope that New Media, AKA the Internet, will become even more important than ever before for real information on the subjects that matter the most to all of us. Be it politics, or indeed geek related topics.


Now, I’m not saying 2016 was all that bad. We had some amazing things happen for us, but yes, also some crazy and unbelievable things happened too. I’m aiming to not stir the pot here – Instead, I believe in Geek Positivity. It’s a term I use often when describing what my MO is. I want people to embrace geek culture and to finally see us for what we are: Creative, inventive and downright amazing people. So then in 2016’s Christmas specials… There wasn’t much: Except for one gem that came back for the second time in a year.

Robot Wars Christmas Special


Robot Wars came back and did a Christmas Special and they were fun! It was two episodes in fact: One aired on Wednesday 28th and the other on Thursday 29th. With more carnage back on our screens, with Robot Wars clearly being a huge hit for the BBC once more and with it entertaining us like it used to do in days old, I’m highly excited for what the future of British Robotics could actually be like. There are some downright genius inventors out there right now and they made Channel Two the most must-see over the holidays.

To bring more people into the fold of these inventors, they invited celebrities to be the drivers (and initial designers) of the robots on the show. There were some truly examplary robots and you know what? I don’t think it could have gotten any better. It was great fun and straight after they confirmed by way of an advert that the show will be returning this year. If you don’t believe the hype of Robot Wars, why not check out Contributor Murray’s post on Robot Wars?

Dragons Den Returns

Okay, this I MIGHT get lambasted for a little bit, but there is a geeky connection here. Dragons Den often is cited as one of those shows where people go to when they just don’t know how to raise capital for their company. I’d agree to a point, but I’d argue the major selling point of the show is to get your products out there. The Dragons, fronted by Peter Jones who is the longest serving Dragon, are a bunch of really rich business men and women, who are looking to invest a lot of money in products or services they feel the most invested in themselves. This wasn’t a Christmas Special, but rather the return of the show to our TV screens. I’m excited to see what new tech will be shown off on this show – I’ve tuned into the Den for the past 10 years or so – And I’m an unashamed fan.

Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe

To those who don’t know who Charlie Brooker is, he’s a satirical comedian who is downright hilarious. He often appears at the end of the year, where he talks about all the crap that happened in the year and needless to say: He did a whole section on the ridiculous number of celebrity deaths we saw this year. Even after all that was done, the amount of negativity that happened in 2016 was simply overwhelming, to which it almost sounded like satire unto itself. However, I thought I’d bring this up… Shortly after the show was aired, a newspaper released an article effectively saying how people found it unfunny because the year itself wasn’t funny. Whilst you could say that the year was a very interesting experience for all, to then say that someones comedy show was unfunny, mere hours after the show had finished… Seems a little bit strange. Nevermind! If you caught it, let me know what you think!

That’s it – Christmas 2016 wasn’t the greatest for TV, but we still got our usual Doctor Who Christmas Special and a lovely reunion of the kids from Outnumbered, who are much older than they used to be. With this said though, it was an amusing year as usual – and now we can finally put 2016 fully to rest. It’s now over to you though: Did you enjoy the British TV we had this year, or did you think it was all a bit ‘meh’? As always, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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