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New Website Update #10

Ah yeah, I like to tell people what’s happening with our website and our meetups as we go along… And today, since we’re so close to Christmas (and so many of you will be busy over the holidays), this is just a short and sweet article to explain where we’re at, what we’re projecting to do etc.

As time has gone on, I’ve noticed that there was a lot more work than I had ever anticipated. It’s not put me off and it’s not like that’s all I have to say on the matter… However, my host for the new website seem to have caused some major issues with the development of the new website. As such, once I’ve fixed that I’ll be getting the base website sorted out. That will be the blog side along with forums. Then, over the weeks and months, I will be improving the new site via incremental steps.


We’ve already got functional forums working and more dynamic front pages. We’ve got landing pages sorted out for every individual geekdom that we represent and we’ve got forums to match for them too. We’ve got a simple profile system set up, we’ve got levels, forum titles and more. Yes: We’ve seriously pushed the boundaries on what we ever thought we could do here. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, but there’s so much more to do still. The main issue is figuring out what has happened to our host.

Hopefully by the time this article is released, I’ll have a better idea on time scales on fixing it all up and getting a release, hopefully before the new year! But in the mean time, thank you to everyone who has hung around with us. Thanks to everyone who has ever spoken to us, who has ever pitched ideas to us and who has ever wanted to see what we do grow into a bigger and better community.

Wanna just get involved and play some games with us? On December 27th, we’re going to have a gameathon. Come join us on Discord at: We’ll be playing games from midday (UK time) until… Well we all give up and need a rest. We’ll have many games going at the same time, with separate voice channels to join in with… And we’ll also have bigger games in Quiplash, Cards Against Humanity and Drawful 2. Come join us for some fun and games on Tuesday, 27th December!


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