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Geeky Greetings Cards

A moment to wax philosophical: I am not a fan of greetings cards, I find there’s something oddly tasteless about mass producing sentiment, and somehow it’s even worse to throw that sentiment away. It’s all a grim little cycle that’s worth a lot of money to a lot of people.

That is of course, only my opinion. There are plenty who look ill upon those who “don’t even send a card” and I understand that. But if you’re going to send a card, or at least send one to someone who’s really worth the effort, or the money there are options. Fantastically geeky options.

To Buy

Etsy, the site for the craftier ilk to sell the products of their skill. One quick search of “geeky Christmas cards” will land you right in the middle of a world of cards adorned with pop-culture references, tech and science jokes, or just simple things designed to appeal to a slightly more niche market. More refined searches can help you drill down to something to suit the tastes of your nearest and dearest, find something right for them.


Plenty of companies produce their own dedicated work as well of course, especially those companies who have teams of dedicated artists like game companies. You understand your loved ones, and so you can offer them a far better sentiment than a form-filled laminate from a shop.

There are of course the custom card creators, who may be expensive because of the single-batch printing, but it gives you the opportunity to put a bit more thought and creative energy into your greeting cards. Really they are dependant on what you want to spend, because let’s not forget that there are far less costly ways to give something unique.


Of course, Etsy and its like could not exist without the due diligence of those who choose to build and craft, and we’ve a tendency to be crafty people. We are makers of tremendous costumes, assemblers of grand machines, painters of fine details, and weavers of vast narratives. If you have time and skill enough, why not make your cards?

You’re no mass producer of course, I’m not suggesting that everyone on the Christmas card list gets a personalised masterpiece. A card is usually a marker for sentiment as I said, so you can fairly judge the extend of someone’s sentiment by the lengths that they will go to for a simple card, and made properly it can be as much a gift as something you’ve bought and wrapped, and more importantly can work within a budget.

More importantly it could be something that no one will want to throw away once the season has come and gone.


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