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Stocking Filler: Imploding Kittens

So it’s now been over a year since my first article that I wrote for GeekOut but my regular Wednesday slot started on 16th December 2015. It’s been an interesting challenge writing for the site. At times my mind has slipped into panic as it desperately tries to figure out what I’m going write about. I’ve tried hard to find interesting content; not only to write about, but also for our readers, so I hope you have enjoyed the content.

Since I don’t have a Facebook account, I only see the reactions of my articles on Twitter and the comments section which sometimes leaves wondering if anyone is reading my articles at all. Timlah has been really supportive and very encouraging, which has really helped me out and I hope I have helped him out by being full of suggestions and enthusiasm for what he is trying to achieve. I don’t know how much longer I am going to write for the site, I have really enjoyed playing as a journalist, as it’s allowed me to interview some really interesting people, meet a hero of mine and made me want to invest a bit more time into learning it as a skill. I might even take up some studies to improve my writing.

Anyway onto our article for this week where we take a look at a stocking filler. As much as I enjoy putting my legs into stockings I am sure not all of you would appreciate such things for Christmas, so I’m going to suggest something more practical. For £12.99 you can invest in the first expansion pack for the card game Exploding Kittens called Imploding Kittens. The expansion is designed to take the standard game from being a 5 player to 6 player game. In the box, you get the following:

  • Human-sized cone of shame
  • 20 new cards which consist of
    • 6 new types of actions
    • 1 Imploding Kitten


The cards themselves change the game just enough to make it more tricky for the number of players. Let’s have a rundown of the cards

  • Alter the Future
    • Allows you to look at the top three cards and put them back in any order you like
  • Feral cat
    • A new type of cat to collect
  • Targeted Attack
    • Allows you to target your attack to any person on the table, not just the next person to play
  • Reverse
    • Does what it says on the tin, reverses the order of play
  • Draw from the bottom
    • Don’t take a card from the top!
  • Imploding Kitten
    • This card has some really funky rules which I will not spoil here

If you are familiar with Exploding Kitten you are probably thinking that this could really mess with the game. Well, yes that is the whole idea (or at least I like to think it is). You can choose to add all of the cards to the standard deck or just some so it would be wise to have a play with that. The human-sized “Cone of Shame” adds no real strategy to the game except it handily tells you which way the play is going and makes the player wearing it look ridiculous.

As stocking fillers go it would easily revive the original game if you have played that to death and at £12.99 will not break the bank. What do you want in your stocking this year? Tell us using the comments section or our other usual channels of Twitter and Facebook


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