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Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Sister Location

Halloween dawns ever closer, so it’s time to start looking at all that is horror. From the games that make you shiver, to the downright petrifying, we’re here to look at media that will go bump in the night. What better start than to quickly discuss the new release in the Five Night’s At Freddy’s franchise, Sister Location. This is a game that knows how to push all of your buttons, but the real goal is knowing what buttons you should press in game.


Once again, player’s must make their way into a rather creepy building, filled with creepy little animatronics. It’s no shock that this is the fifth game in the franchise, as it’s been so well received thus far. With spin-offs and parodies, books and films on the way, Scott Cawthon has made a behemoth for himself – and considering how well he’s run with it, I think it’s done a fine job. So this, Sister Location, is technically a spin-off. It’s not part of the same location, hence it’s name of Sister Location. The events seem to take place at a different time, but it’s quite hard to actually figure out where this game fits in the franchise.

In this one, you go off against brand new animatronics, including Baby who is frankly just terrifying. You also go against Fun Time Foxy, who seems to be a new version of everybody’s favourite fox animatronic, along with the blind new animatronic, Belora. These new animatronics, although likely not going to be all of the new animatronics, they seem to be just as freaky as any others who have come along in the past. So whether or not this game is your thing, it might be worth checking it out. There’s some new mechanics in this one too, such as going between different rooms, making sure you’re not too loud, hiding under desks and a lot more. This game feels like the most tense one in the (short) history of the titles.

At just £5.59 on Steam at the moment, this game might even be a steal. So if you’re looking for something easy to get into for Halloween, then this game might be it. However, what do you think of Jumpscare titles such as the FNAF series? Do you think this will be a good continuation of an already well established franchise? Or do you think this should now be put to sleep? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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