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GeekOut Bristol Meet: October 15th – TRICK OR TREAT Gallery

This is our monthly round-up of what happened during the GeekOut Bristol Meetup for this month – And along with the round-up, this is a gallery of all of the awesome people that attended and were taking part. Board games, video games, card games, costumes, competition, a special drink and much more. This months event was pretty spooktastic, so thanks to everyone who came along and made it what it was.

We saw approximately 60 people come by for this month, a slight drop from the stunning numbers we saw last month. We were occupying spaces all over the venue, from the front to the back. We had people playing games of Monopoly as usual, as well as people playing titles such as Codenames and Magic: the Gathering. We had plenty of games, much to drink and people were certainly enjoying the event once more. Thanks to everyone who came along this month! Seems like the special drink of the month went down a royal treat too – So a massive thanks to the Old Market Tavern for the generous decorations and the wonderful drink and service. Some people received treats with their drinks as well, in the form of sweets. Delicious!

So from horrific clowns to bloody cocktails, it was another amazing event, made even better by the awesome people who attended. Our next event is taking place on Friday 11th November, where we will be doing a Children In Need themed event. Please do come along if you have a chance – The details should have gone up by the time this article goes live. If you’d like to come along, or just want to know what we’re all about, just drop us a message!



Hey all, we’re trying to raise money so we can start doing bigger things here on GeekOut South-West. If you’d like to support us, please consider buying our posters, we sell all 3 designs as a bundle for £5 + PnP. They will arrive in a postal tube and a huge thank you note from me. So if you feel like supporting us, or just wanna get a hold of some merch for yourself, drop a message in the comments below and we’ll see what we can arrange. Alternatively, drop me an email at

Note: The most recent poster is a limited edition. Once all of those are sold out, they will never be reprinted and the price of the poster bundle will go down to just £3 + PnP.


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