Geek Proud, GeekOut.

Yarr – GeekOut South-West Be Three Me Hearty’s

Jus’ an update for ye, ya filthy bilge rats.

Today marks a momentous day in th’ seven seas o’ GeekOut South-West. It be In’ernational Talk Like A Pirate Day, so be sure ta talk like Edward Teach did taught ye. But, more importantly, today was GeekOut South-West’s official third birthday.

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

From th’ belly o’ th’ kraken tha’ is Timlah’s mind, to th’ buzzing community we be sailin’ with today, I thank ye from the bottom o’ me rum laden heart, me hearties!

Three cheers –

A yo, ho ho and a bottle o’ rum an’ all that.


Cap’n Timlah


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