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GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 9th: HARRY POTTER Gallery

Much like the nifty Nimbus 2,000, another month has whizzed past us again. It’s always a shame when another month of GeekOut ends, however as you all know, we’ll be back with another amazing and fun-filled event next month. Let’s have a look through the pictures and memories of last weeks’ GeekOut Bristol Meet. Warning: This one was rather magical!

So sweet, it was delicious - and non-alcoholic!

Butterbeer: So sweet, it was delicious – and non-alcoholic!

As always, we had a great time at the Old Market Tavern, but we got a little bit more magical last Friday. The whole pub was littered in Harry Potter themed decorations and the pub agreed to make us a very special drink, Butterbeer! The drink was an absolute hit with all of our guests (and with the bartenders, too). It was rather sweet, but it was absolutely delicious, so thanks once again to the whole team at the Old Market Tavern for making this one feel absolutely special for all of the Harry Potter fans who came to this past meetup.

We saw some amazing costumes, lots of home made greatness and we played a lot of great games, drank some amazing drinks and all came home feeling very satisfied from the event. We introduced two brand new games and Chris managed to play his newest Print ‘n Play game, Temp Worker Assassin. We had the wonderful Joanne Hall come to speak to us all about the latest BristolCon which is taking place later in the year and we had a new record in attendees. 71 people this event – That’s simply blown my mind. Thank you everybody, you make GeekOut what it is – A truly special place to be.

As always however, that wasn’t everything. We also have some pictures from our long-time friend GhostBunny18:

As always, these events must come to an end at some point, so now I pass it back to you. Were you at this months’ GeekOut Bristol Meet? What did you think of what went down? If you weren’t there, do you think that Butterbeer looks appetising? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. We can always do with more feedback! Until next month everyone, that’s this months GeekOut Bristol Meet over and out!


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