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Creating a Mashup

I’m not exactly the most musically minded person, so it’s with this in mind, I’m going to talk about what I’m up to at the moment with the previously mentioned AMV that I’m working on.


This logo might need -some- work!

I want this to be pretty unique, so I’m currently working on a song that is totally unique. A mashup of two songs, which will become one at the end of it. I have an instrumental, but I’m struggling to find a way to isolate the vocals from the second song. The instrumental is for the first song and I’m going to fit the lyrics from the other, highly recognisable song, into the first song. Every single YouTube example I can find on the subject of creating an Acapella seems to actually be doing the opposite: Creating instrumentals from an existing song. It’s really bizarre, but that’s the struggle I’m dealing with at the moment.

So, for a bit of information about the AMV I’m working on: It’s going to be a Pokemon AMV… And the two songs? The vocals from the Indigo League theme tune: I Wanna Be The Very Best. So that’s pretty apt for a Pokemon AMV, don’t you think? The original theme tunes lyrics whilst watching Pokemon animations.

Pokemon Theme Tune, lyrics and all

The instrumental I have however is Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce. Now that’s an unfitting match if I’ve ever heard of one! This was something that I was discussing with people for some time, but I had never really considered doing it. A colleague and I were discussing Through the Fire and the Flames, in a rather bemused way. It’s a highly entertaining and hugely energetic song, by people who clearly were having a good time recording it. With this in mind, we were listening to it, when one of us mentioned Pokemon (as we do). It’s with this, that we suddenly realised that the first verse sort of fits over the first verse of Through the Fire and the Flames.

Seriously, if you know the Dragonforce song, listen to it and then sing the opening first of the Pokemon Theme Tune over it. You’ll be surprised, but it oddly fits. With this in mind, I’ve found ways to isolate the instrumental of the Pokemon theme, but no real way to isolate just the vocals. At least from my limited knowledge of music, I’ve found no way to turn an existing song which has vocals, to become an acapella.

Dragonforce music, no lyrics

With this in mind though, at least you all know what to expect and where I am with this AMV malarkey already. It’s not been very long since I announced I would be working on this, but I’m taking this project pretty seriously. I’d like to imagine that at the end of this, there will be something tangible for you all to watch, but in the mean time, it’s over to you. Do you think I’ve chosen two bizarre songs, or do you think the two oddly work? As always, let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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