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Top 10 – Psychics

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We saw this one coming.

The mind is a strange and enigmatic thing, filled with mysteries and incredible powers of calculation, empathy, and moving stuff around. Alright, the last one is mostly fictitious, but the abilities of our super-advanced lightning-sponge just aren’t enough for most people, so we simply have to make stuff up.

Join us as we run through our picks for the movers and mind readers, future-seers and dead-speakers. Wrap your brain around our Top 10 psychics.

Top 10

10) Eleven – Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

I may have mentioned a particular liking for this series recently, and for good reason. For greater detail you can catch my review of season 1 here, for now I want to focus on the central character. A young girl escaped from a secret weapons project possessed of strange powers, mostly telekenesis, but also the power to read the minds of people in other countries, and Spoilers opening extra-planar gates.

Y’know, the usual.

Of course being part of a major weapons project leaves one rather incapable of normal interaction, but she has a way of making her feelings clear by breaking bones from 30 feet away. Incredible though she may be, Eleven (or Elle to her friends) suffers for her power, every use causing a hemorrhage of some variety, making her intense stares that little bit more unnerving.

9) Face of Boe – Doctor Who


The Face of Boe is a rather specific entity in the Doctor Who universe, who a lot of you will be forgiven if you’ve forgotten this bodyless head. It’s just there, a big ol’ head who can talk telepathically to anyone he chooses to – or even just talk normally, because you know, massive head inside of a great big pod, because that’s not creepy.

But regardless, the Face of Boe has been around for hundreds, or even thousands of years. It’s impossible to pinpoint just how old it is. Whether he’s behind a lot of glass, or he’s all exposed, he’s of importance to the universe. In one episode, he was seen billions of years in the future, where he offers a safe viewing of the end of the universe. This never happens, but you know, at least he was offering a safe way to view the world come to an end via the expansion of the sun. How… Nice?

8) Voodoo Lady – Monkey Island

Voodoo Lady

The Voodoo Lady is seen throughout the Monkey Island games as one of the few characters who keep returning. She’s been seen helping Guybrush understand more about the pirate LeChuck, as well as helping him keep his sanity. She teaches him certain aspects about curses and much more. She’s a typical voodoo lady and we love to see her on our screens. She’s always helpful!

What’s more, she’s able to predict what’s coming up for you. Whether she’s a real psychic, or just relying on mumbo jumbo to do her job, she’s at least recognising what is coming up. To me, that makes her a psychic, but what do you think?

7) Illithids – D&D

The spectacular, tentacular, alien horrors of classic D&D. Purple-skinned and squid-faced, they go by another name that’s far more alarming, the Mind Flayers. When the highly intelligent beasties have you in their slimy clutches your life goes one of two ways, instant total lobotomy, or mindless slavery, a fate that befell the entire Gith species, who learned a few tricks during their mighty exodus, but a story for another day.

From the mighty elder-brains that rule and coordinate illithid societies, to the roaming brain-shaped guard dogs “intellect devourers”, is it really any surprise that mind-flayers are all telepaths who feed their minds by devouring those of others. Thought is practically a commodity, science is exclusively mad, and the presence of one in your campaign is a sure sign that someone in the group is going to lose their mind.

6) Lyta Alexander – Babylon 5


When we first meet Lyta Alexander it is as a formal envoy to the Psi-Corps on the interplanetary trade and diplomacy station Babylon 5, being asked by Ambassador G’Kar of the Narn to help him reintroduce telepathy into the gene-pool the “old fashioned way”. Anyway, plenty of story happens and then suddenly she can detect minor changes in electrical current and fill someone’s mind with knowledge like a Matrix jack-point.

Lyta was specifically chosen as the Vorlon’s foil against the weaponised psychics crafted by the machinations of the Shadows after she scanned Vorlon ambassador Kosh. If that sounds like a lot of jargon to you then you really need to get in on Babylon 5. Seriously. The character of Lyta takes a rather dramatic tumble down a rabbit hole of monolithic proportions, and returns stranger and more powerful than any telepath in existence.

Apart from the one who becomes a god in an episode.

5) Sabrina – Pokemon Red/Blue


This creepy girl is the gym leader of Saffron City, defeating her will allow you to progress further towards your goal of becoming a Pokemon Master and defeating the Elite Four. She gives the player the Marsh Badge, which are one of the 8 sanctioned Pokemon Gyms. She’s also in control of Saffron City, pretty much. Next door to her is a beaten down gym, which was full of Fighting types. After she defeated them, she became the gym leader of the city, forcing the Fighting gym to become a secondary gym, proving that Gary probably could have gotten more than 8 badges in the anime, like he did…

Anyway, numbers of badges in the Kanto region aside, she’s probably one of the most vicious gym leaders in the whole of the Kanto region, if not in the whole franchise. She knows how to fight with her psychic type Pokemon, allowing her to ensure a swift defeat of the challengers who come up to her. Just good luck getting to her, she’s set up some really annoying teleporters in her gym!

4) Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

Psycho Mantis

This was so cool when you got to first encounter it. If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid, you will definitely know of this boss fight. This is the fight against a psychic character who has grown up with nothing but hate aimed towards him. At a young age, having discovered his father hated him so much by hearing his father’s inner thoughts, in fear of his own life, he burned down his home village, killing his father in the process.

Psycho Mantis has one of the coolest gimmicks in any video games history in my personal opinion. You remove your PS1 gamepad from slot 1 and put it into slot 2, which meant he couldn’t “read your thoughts anymore”. There were hints alluding to do this throughout the box art. But the character himself is rather tragic, but then again, those with extremely powerful latent powers like his usually do have a sad past.

3) Raz – Psychonauts


In this summer-camps for psychics adventure game you play the role of Razputin, the cool kid in the slightly cliched aviator helmet and goggles and greater natural psychic power than any of the other kids in camp. You have access to the basics, telekinesis, clairvoyance, force-projection, pyrokinesis (brain fire yo!) all stuff that your average 11 year old will need for later life, especially if they’re looking at joining up with the Psychonauts when you’re old enough. The professionals are on hand to teach him the basics by dragging the class into their own minds, crafting training grounds out of their own psyche to get those kids battle-hardened and ready for action.

Raz’s gift and natural inquisitive nature leads him into a dastardly plot, as he shatters the barriers between minds and smashes his way into the dark and secret places in the minds of the greatest living minds, minds that should have been able to protect themselves. He delves into the minds of the clinically insane, and not only emerges sane, but leaves them a lot saner too. Raz conquers the hidden enemy as nothing more than an disembodied but intact brain! That kid is awesome!

2) Jodie Holmes – Beyond: Two Souls


We had to seriously think about our number one slot, as this lady almost took that throne away from our top psychic. Jodie Holmes is a bit of an investigator, at least in terms of finding her way around the world. She’s charismatic, but we also get to see her growing up throughout the course of the game. She makes some bad decisions in her life, but not to worry, for she has a special partner to help her throughout the game.

The partner in question? Her dead brother, who acts as a psychic link. Although no one else can see him, he does interact with the world in his own special way. She can talk to him and he will respond to her. Sure, she may be a little hot-headed, but then again if you were trying to find some quiet time and had the spirit of your brother hanging around you, I guess you’d also feel a bit frustrated from time to time.

1) Charles Xavier – X-Men


It could so easily have been Jodie, she deserved to be up here almost as much as Professor X. Amongst Xavier’s accolades, starting the Institute for Gifted Children, forming a protective force of mutants to defend all humans, advanced or otherwise, and generally being awesome despite being paralysed and bald, but let’s take a look at his psychic abilities.

X is an omega-level telepath, omega level mutants are those who can alter the fundamentals of reality, and that may be all too true. He can read, manipulate, control and destroy minds over a broad area, and can do all of the above to everyone on the planet with his amplifier Cerebro, elevating his powers to potentially genocidal levels. As the hybrid creation Onslaught his powers are elevated dramatically, able to literally warp reality to his whim, only made vulnerable by the fractious and conflicting nature of the personalities contained within.

It may be odd to say, but perhaps Xavier’s greatest power is his personality. He’s not merely intelligent, but also wise and charismatic. Perhaps he is too often blinded by optimism in humanity, especially when it comes to his old friend Magneto, but his faith in people is one of the key factors that brought Wolverine back into the world, and what brought a band of terrified children from across the world and forged a team who trust and respect one another. Or maybe he just makes us all think that that’s who he is. Because he could… all too easily.

Honourable Mentions

We know what you’re thinking. All of you! We keep a detailed record for later use. Afraid? You should be! We’re like Scanners, but somehow geekier than a Scanners reference.

Nahh, you’re fine, we’re just messing with your mind. Here’s the honourable mentions.

Patrick Jane – The Mentalist


Omitted from the list for one very simple reason. The entire premise of the series is based on the fact that former stage-performer turned assistant to the bureau is quite outspokenly not a psychic and that psychics and mediums are frauds and con-artists, which he knows because he used to be one. The practice of mentalism is a refined study of behaviours, observations and psychological mechanics to create the impression of hypnotism, precognisance, the ability to talk to the dead, so on and so forth. Doesn’t matter if it’s not magic, it’s seriously cool.

It is in the practice of said deceit that Jane runs afoul of a serial killer – “Red John” – and in the pursuit of revenge he drops the charade in favour of using his abilities in full, without the showmanship, unless that showmanship is strictly required. He also takes the time to strip away the fictions that other manipulators and mentalists use to elevate themselves to Red John like status.

Psychic Dressphere – FFX-2



There’s not too much to say about this one, other than this is a Dressphere to make your character a psychic. I mean, I really can’t add much more. This Dressphere allows your character to become a “psychic” which is also known as a Psychiccer in the game, represented by a little lightning bolt symbol in the game. This is a dressphere specific to Final Fantasy X-2 internation and X-2 HD remaster.

To represent their change in job, the characters don a school uniform with a futuristic looking visor. Thankfully, this is confirmed as using a mental energy, allowing them to be psychics, rather than technomancers (Seriously important distinction there). Heck, these powerful psychics can even stop time!

We’re done for another week! We have completed our list of powerful minds of all kinds, one might almost say we’re psyched out. If you don’t mind (heh) would you kindly cast your decision for our next Top 10 in the vote below.

Anyone we didn’t think of? Anyone we misplaced, or didn’t place at all? Have your say in the comments down below, on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


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