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Charity Game Event In Pizza Hut Southmead – August 7th

Bristol is home to some really cool companies and this months event is no exception. We’re going to be hosting a charity tabletop day over at the Southmead Pizza Hut branch, so if you’re up for some tasty food and you’re up for trying a board game or two, come along, say hi and I’ll get you settled right into a game!

Just a short post for today to help raise awareness for this charity games event that we’re hosting today from midday. Pizza Hut in Southmead asked us to come along and hold a board game tournament of sorts, so I decided the best game in our GeekOut list for a tournament, obviously, was Exploding Kittens.


What? You don’t believe that’s a perfect tournament game? Well let me explain how it works:

Win a game of Exploding Kittens to be in with a chance to reach the finals later that night. There will be 5 (or more) games of up to 5 players. The winners of their games will then come back to the venue, (or just stick around, ) and at 8pm we will play the final game of Exploding Kittens, where the winner wins first prize. Then another game will be played with the remaining competitors for second place and finally one more time for third place.

As well as the tournament however, Pizza Hut are trying to raise more money for Macmillan Cancer Support by doing a charity raffle. It’s a mere 50p for a ticket and £1 for a whole strip of tickets, which is an absolute bargain. As well as this, GeekOut posters will be on sale and any money raised from GeekOut poster sales will go towards the Macmillan fund total at the end of the night. There’ll be 10 of each design available, so do come check it all out.

Raffle Prizes Aug 7th

We’ll be at the venue between midday and 10pm, so if you’ve got some spare time, come and say hello! Grab yourself some delicious Pizza Hut pizza and ask for a board game (we’ll have a small selection to play). Grab a friend, or even a stranger and get playing a game together. It’s going to be a fun event!

With awesome prizes to be won, a seriously good cause to back and some fun board games to play, you can rest assured that this is indeed a day of board gaming you will not want to miss. So please, if you’re in the Bristol area today (Sunday 7th), please come swing by the Southmead Pizza Hut branch. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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