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GeekOut Bristol Meet – August 13th: STEAMPUNK

On August 13th, GeekOut Bristol is happening once again, with fun and games galore planned and a theme most befitting those fans of a bygone era. Be it a supremely elegant cravat, or a dress that’ll wow everybody, our meetup will be getting all Victorian? Join Timlah to find out what on earth is going on in our next meetup: Steampunk edition!

Yes, we’ll be back to our favourite haunt, the Old Market Tavern once again for a night of fun and games, Victorian attire and cogs and goggles. Whether or not you’re a fan of Steampunk, there’s one thing that can’t be ignored: The impact the sub-genre has had on many peoples fandoms. From whole conventions dedicated to Steampunk, to crafty people who tinker toys befitting that of a steamy era, Steampunk is big and it’s exciting. It’s with great pleasure then that we announce next months GeekOut Bristol Meetup which is taking place on August 13th… But what are we going to get up to this month?

GeekOut's Steampunk Picture

I’m creating some schematics which will be plastered on the walls of the Old Market Tavern on Saturday 13th. These schematics will be on large parchment paper to fit in with the theme of the steam era and those tools and flying machines that are generally associated with the genre. Couple this with top hats that are adorned with fashionable objects, such as cogs and gears. From levers that seemingly do nothing, to fashion which is somewhat questionable (But still elegant), join us for a night of fun, gaming, a competition and much, much more. So, what do we have in store for all of our lovely attendees?

Our usual selection of board games will be available, plus one more mystery game will be with us this month. If our games collection starts to get too big, we might start rotating the games, based upon demand, but for now this should be fine. So if you’re a fan of any of the following, you’ll be well catered for:

  • Bucket of Doom
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Cash n Guns
  • Chess
  • Dixit Odyssey
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
  • Jungle Speed
  • Munchkin Zombies
  • Pokemon Monopoly
  • Star Trek Catan
  • Zombie Fluxx

… and much more! We will also have our modest collection of party video games to accompany us. The main ones that we play are Drawful 2 and Quiplash, which you can join in with using your smartphones or tablets! We always have a power supply for charging your devices with us, so don’t be afraid to bring your plug with you. We do only have a limited space, but it’s still a good way to charge up all of your devices whilst playing games.

GeekOut Bristol Meet June 11th 35

We’ll be going for our pre-meetup meal at midday as we usually do. There’s a poll up on our Facebook event page, so do go and vote if you are going to join us at this event. If you can’t make it for our pre-meetup foodie event, (which we have oh so inventively called “GeekOut’s EatOut”), The Old Market Tavern as always will be serving food specially for us, which is absolutely delicious. This is a special arrangement GeekOut has with the Old Market Tavern, as they don’t normally serve food on Saturdays.

As well as arranging us to have food at our event, the Old Market Tavern will be providing the major prizes once more. We’ve got some secret Steampunk related prizes for the first, second and third prize winners, as well as cash prizes, Steam keys and of course, GeekOut posters for those who win. For this months competition..? We’re going to select three GeekOut members to become our beautiful panel of judges… But what are these judges for? Well, they will be deciding who has brought the most Steampunk prop, fashion accessory or otherwise. Anything that’s Steampunk related, whatever is the Steampunkiest of them all is the winner!

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 29

A simple competition, but this should be a fun event for people to get involved in. From the cosplay, to the games and the books and more, we’re going to have a heck of a good night at the GeekOut Bristol meet and you… You are all cordially invited too. Maybe one day we can get a live-feed during our GeekOut meetups, but in the mean time, if you’re around the Bristol area and you’d like to at least get to know what we’re like, I just joined up on Facebook. Yeah, I did it. So let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit as you always do. We hope to see you there at the event!


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