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AmeCon – July 29th-31st

We’re closing in on AmeCon, a celebration of all that is anime that’s taking place in the legendary Warwick University. For Joel and myself, this is a seriously important location for a convention, so join me as I take a look at what’s been announced for AmeCon, as well as what I’m looking forward to and what the GeekOut guys will be up to on this weekend anime loving extravaganza.


Ah yes, I do love me a good anime convention as all of you most certainly will be aware. I’ve been looking forward to AmeCon mostly because I’m keen to return to Warwick University, one of the most legendary venues for the UK anime convention scene. AmeCon comes hot on the tail of Kitacon, which took place during the early days of April. Now we’re slowly approaching the end of July, we know that we’re right in the middle of summer – and this past weekend is clearly proof of that. Such a hot day, but even though you and I were probably outside playing a spot of Pokemon Go (when it let you), the organisers of AmeCon have been hard at work, preparing for the upcoming spectacular. But now that we’re so close, I thought it’s a good time for us to talk about what we’re up to during AmeCon – and a shout out to everyone who is attending!


Our very own Joel is going to be holding a panel on building confidence. Entitled Finding Confidence, this panel is taking place on Sunday and is currently billed for 10am, this panel is all about one man’s ideas on how to build confidence. It’s a simple idea, but the panel should be quite an inspirational one, featuring our lovable goofball Joel. We will aim to get the panel recorded as professionally as we can and I will aim to get the video up on our YouTube channel (and indeed an article will go up on here) on the Sunday with the video – So keep your eyes out for us during the weekend of AmeCon.

Further from that, as always, we’re going to be taking pictures of the cosplay competition, as well as with cosplayers in general. I haven’t really had much time to make costumes, so no worries, out comes our old favourite skeleton Oskar and a slightly improved Raverchu. I might also take Twoflower with me, if I find all of the pieces for it. Here’s hoping health keeps us all going this month, as during Kitacon we were all feeling a little bit rough before and after. Nevermind, this time, we’re out to rave and to party with everyone… But is that all that we’re doing at AmeCon? Aha, you foolish person you, it’s GeekOut. We never do things by halves!

For the first time, I feel like trying my hand at selling some merchandise in a convention environment – but I certainly don’t have enough stock for a table, nor do I quite have the variety or the means to run one. With this in mind, I’m taking up 10 of the Gordon the GeekOut Goat posters and 10 of the Mad Geek’s Tea Party posters, both of which can be seen above. These posters will be available for £2.50 for Gordon and £5.00 for the Mad Geek’s Tea Party. The posters are printed on 200gsm paper for the Goat and 300gsm for the Mad Geek’s Tea Party, making them heavier than typical posters, but the quality of paper is much higher and the ability to frame them is much greater. If you’re up at AmeCon, provided the Bring and Buy team do not mind having our posters on their tables after we give in the relevant paperwork, then please do grab one of our posters! We’d much appreciate the support.

The guests announced for AmeCon are pretty awesome! We have our cosplay guests: Sweet Angel and Itsuki-chan. These two bring a wealth of cosplay experience, so here’s hoping we can see some seriously interesting stuff from these two over the course of the three days. Next, we have two massive voice actor talents in Erica Mendez (whose voice has starred in anime such as Kill la Kill) and Lucien Dodge whose voice has been in Fate/Zero and Pokemon of all things! Finally, the charity for the auction is LOROS Hospice, a seriously great group who look after people with cancer and their loved ones, through the whole process: From diagnosis all the way to treatment. We’ll be sure to report back how much the charity auction raises and if we can, I’m sure we’ll chip in!

He'll be back..!

He’ll be back..!

Yes, even this video game was too much for our dear Oskar!

As for the rest of AmeCon, I’ll be going around taking pictures of and with people, playing some terrible games of Cards Against Humanity and probably trying to capture some rarer Pokemon, ((Thank you Warwick University WiFi,)) in a different place to where I normally hunt the creatures down. Of course, we’ll also have some light games with us, such as Magic: the Gathering decks and Exploding Kittens, so what are you waiting for? Check out AmeCon today, or if you’re already going, let us know in the comments below. Join us below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and let’s get talking about AmeCon. It’s under 2 weeks away now!


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