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UnEpic – Review

Unepic Title

Available on Linux, Windows and OSX via Steam and HumbleBundle £9.99 and GOG $9.99 (USD)


You play Daniel, general geek and nerd who while playing a DnD game with his friends goes to the loo and somehow finds himself in an alternate universe actually taking part in a real RPG. His body is possessed by a shadow demon who is unable to take control of Daniel and becomes trapped inside his body.

Intro cartoon

Intro cartoon

The Game

I picked up UnEpic during a sale for $1.99 USD (who buys things full price anyway) as I was curious as to what it was like. When you start the game you get to choose what sort of experience you would like, either with or without swear words. Now I’m not against swearing in games, but I appreciate the option to not have them. I decided to opt for it for my play through, but actually I quickly regretted it. Not because the swear words offended me, but they feel forced and felt as if they merely were implemented to add to the “humour”. I use the word humour in quotations for a very specific reason; I am sure that the dialogue between Daniel and his new shadow co-traveller is funny, if your 14 years old, but for me they really added nothing to the game at all. I’m not against toilet humour (and there seems to be a lot of it here), but toilet humour only works given the right circumstance. Conkers Bad Fur Day is a game that was full of toilet humour but also quite enjoyable at the same time.

The save point

The save point

The game itself is a cross between an RPG and a jump and run, where Daniel runs through the castle that he has found himself in. Your main goal is to survive each room killing any enemies, surviving traps and lighting torches in order to fulfil the various quests that you find along the way. Whilst doing so you gain experience points for killing enemies and lighting all the torches in the room. In some rooms, you will find chests with loot in and even some side quests that can distract you along the way. With every major level, you gain six points that can help you customise what specialities Daniel has. Putting some points into a ranged attack is generally a good idea, as I found that later on there are some enemies you can only reach with spells or arrows. There is no point here in being a full on tank and the rogue backstabbing ability is a welcome addition but did not really change your play style that much. To enable you to move around the castle a bit faster you can open up shortcut gateways that take you to a central room. These are really useful for getting to and from a save point which to begin with there is only one until you solve some of the quests to open up more. The game does autosave, but there is no indication of when you pass one of these checkpoints which I found quite irritating.

Castle lighting

Lighting the torches

Once you open up a bit more of the map you get a boss battle, which was fun, but is too few and far between from my experience. You spend a lot more time running around the castle trying to find the relevant items needed to complete the next mini-quest so that you can get on with the main quest. If you’re going to play UnEpic I have one major piece of advice for you, make good use of the note making function on the map, there were a few times where I had finished one of the quests but I could not remember for the life of me where I got it from, so spent the next hour or so re-visiting most of the rooms I had gone to in order to find where I cash it in. The game does allow you to keep track of what is left to find in the quest and whilst I don’t expect it to tell me where to get the pieces to the puzzle, I did expect it to guide me back to the quest source. UnEpic does have multiplayer capabilities all hooked up through Steam, which I have not been able to test out.I had a conversation with Timlah to see if he thought it might be a fun to do a video series of it. He had tried it before and thought it to be “dull” which I was disappointed to hear but something in me still wants to test it out a little.




Visually the game looks okay being sprite based is good for this sort of game but it does nothing really special or endearing to make it stand out. The audio is quite nice, footsteps have a hearty echo at first but could do with changing based upon the environment. This is going to be one of those games I have got so far and I find myself having no real desire to go any further. I’m sure there is more hilarity to be had between Daniel and his companion but it would help if I found any of it actually funny. If I had finished it then I would certainly not bother with a second play through. So I’m afraid it will most likely sit on my Steam shelf gathering dust. It was certainly worth what I paid for it in the sale and I would happily pay a bit more but not much more.

Let us know if you have played UnEpic and what you thought of it. Did you manage to play the multiplayer? Do you think Timlah is right? Tell us what you think in the comments section or via Reddit, FaceBook or Twitter


6 responses

  1. Not trying to be that guy, but this seems more like a first impression over real review since you didn’t actually bother finishing the game.

    I have Unepic for the Wii U and it was fun in short burst.

    Liked by 1 person

    June 29, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    • Well, I’d like to say that every game I review I am able to finish but this is just not the case. I did end up putting 6 or so hours into it but the thing I found is that I actively didn’t really want to play anymore. We try our best :)

      Liked by 1 person

      June 29, 2016 at 5:49 pm

  2. I buy games at full price. Is it to support the developers? Nah, I am just impatient and want to play everything on day one :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    June 30, 2016 at 5:17 pm

  3. Would it be possible to get an example of the toilet humor? And is it pretty much constant throughout? You sound like you made a good assessment, I just feel like an example would help me understand better just how cheap the writing might have been.


    July 6, 2016 at 4:20 am

    • I remember a quest which is literally called fertilizer for plants. Now, if they left it there, I’d have found it quite amusing getting poo for the plants…

      But instead, the character completely spells it out for you: “So, poo. Where’s the nearest toilet?” is the non-sweary paraphrased version of what he says (We try to keep this site PG where possible :P).

      It’s not all toilet humour, but it’s very crass and the humour is sooo spelt out to you, that I’ve seen -many- other sites complain about the dialogue: for example also explains the humour is just in your face.

      Perhaps toilet humour is a bit far: But it does like to talk about faecal matter more than the rest of us do… Which is a bizarre conversation starter, for sure.

      BUT – To give the game credit where it’s due… It was made by one guy and it’s a solid -game-. Shame I can’t get behind it personally, but that’s my personal opinion :)

      I feel, the only thing this game was missing, was a laughter track whenever they wanted you to laugh.


      July 6, 2016 at 10:42 pm

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