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Let’s Play: Dungeon Keeper!

It’s good to be bad… That’s the motto of the game, as we delve deeper into another dungeon game, but this time – Instead of defeating enemies in the dungeons, we are the bad guys. We’re running our own dungeons, from Imps and Demon Spawn to the simple Fly and the legendary Horned Reaper, we’re playing the classic Bullfrog dungeon building title, Dungeon Keeper. Join Timlah through this new Let’s Play series!

When I was young, I used to play this game and Dungeon Keeper 2 somewhat religiously. It was a great escape, allowing me to pretend to be this almighty, all powerful keeper. Lords of their realms had nothing on me – Nor the Horned Reaper himself. But with all this said and done, I thought I’d have a look at it again. Originally, I was going to do an in-depth review on the game, but the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to play it from start to finish all over again. As such, I figured it was about time I had a second Let’s Play series that I’m going to take through to the very end. I booted up WINE, installed Dungeon Keeper and it works a charm!

GOPlays Dungeon Keeper 1 Thumbnail

Made in 1997 by the legendary Bullfrog Productions, spearheaded by Peter Molyneux, Dungeon Keeper tread new waters like never before. Now we weren’t just playing another dungeon game; now we weren’t just playing a builders game any more. Somewhat of a strategy and micro-management game, Dungeon Keeper was special. At least to a younger me, it was an incredibly special game. Not only was it an escape, it felt as if I was working towards something big, something powerful… Of course, that could just be the brain of a very young child working overtime at the possibilities having my very own dungeon could ever accomplish, but nevertheless, it felt like it was a damn special game.

For me, what I particularly liked about it, was how tongue in cheek it was. Even as a child, I was able to appreciate the game is meant to be taken in jest, though I can imagine a lot of people not quite twigging onto this fact. When the narrator speaks about levels, such as “Ever Smile”, he says it with such a grimace, you can tell it’s physically hurting the narrator to speak about it. Perhaps not quite that bad, but you felt as if the narrator really wanted to see this realm burned to the ground. It felt as if the narrator really wanted to see you bring pain, suffering and carnage to the world. Now, thankfully, the game wasn’t too extreme: If anything, it was like you were truly playing as the “good guy”, but where the bad guys were the good guys. You were trying to stop the very weird bliss the world seemed to enjoy.

Regardless of how you perceive this game, it’s one of many of the legendary titles Bullfrog Productions put out there. This, along with Theme Hospital and Theme Park, were games that kept me occupied throughout my youth. Let’s not even get into titles such as Magic Carpet, which was damn amazing for its time as well. I truly have nothing but respect for the games the Bullfrog team put together. As you can read the fanboyism seeping out of me here, you can tell that I’m thoroughly a fan of not just the game, but the company behind the game too. I wish they were still around to provide Dungeon Keeper 3 to us all, but alas, they’re not. Unfortunately, we got that more recent game which used the Dungeon Keeper name… And it just wasn’t the same.

Nevertheless, I wanted to play through this classic and I hope you all enjoy the series. Because Stonekeep is still a major focus for me, I will be alternating my YouTube series: One week it’ll be at least 2 Stonekeep videos, the next it’ll be at least 2 Dungeon Keeper videos. I have never worked like this with games before, but I’m now recording ahead of time by several episodes. It’s just a case of finding the time to sit down and edit them all.  But, that’s the plan from here on in – and I hope to complete Dungeon Keeper on this Let’s Play series. Let me know what you think of my choice of game: Perhaps you too were a fan of Dungeon Keeper, or do you think it’s a bad choice? Do you miss games like this, or do you think they merely paved the way for greater titles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit channels… Or hey, let me know your thoughts on our YouTube channel.


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