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GeekOut Bristol Meet: June 11th Gallery – Time For Tea?

Ah what a jolly good show ol’ chap, it is time to show off the gallery for the GeekOut Bristol Meet that took place on June 11th. It was a splendid show, so thanks to all of you ol’ beans for showing up and being good sports. Pip, pip, it’s time to join Timlah to have a look at the gallery, what went down, our competition and more!

We’ve just had our GeekOut Bristol Meetup for June and it was another huge event! Once again, we had more than 50 individual faces, with people coming from all walks of life and all parts of the UK. People came from London, from Leigh, from Bristol (of course), Gloucester, Taunton, Plymouth – So many people from so many places. People travel for the event, people drank and were loud and proud about their fandoms. They played board games, read and borrowed books, left books behind for us and so much more. All this happened, whilst there was an overall theme of “tea party”, with people bringing some of their fanciest hats (and I took along a couple of mine for the ride, too).

GeekOut Bristol Meet June 11th 30

So donning the Hatters hat, I looked rather mad and away I went; to run GeekOut South-West once more. We had a competition as always and we had plenty of people playing new games, old games and people even went ahead and played Snakes and Ladders..? Okay then..! But overall, everyone seemed to have a really good time – and the competition was highly enjoyed by everyone. Many people rushed up to me at intervals, exclaiming “Timlah, where on Earth is the next one?!” So what was the competition this time? It was a treasure hunt, all around the pub. I adorned the tables with tablecloths, I put visual clues around the pub and people went for a wander. It took over an hour and a half for the first team to finally understand that the missing piece had been in front of them all the time: Hats!

Some of the staff of the Old Market Tavern were in on the treasure hunt, which amusingly saw an increase in the sale of coffee, as the first clue was as follows:

“When all is said and done, a warming brew will calm the minds of none. Perhaps you would care for a tipple, but is the cup half-full or is there just a dribble?”

People had to collect the letters of all the clues as well as what item related to the clue, but for a good hour and a half, no one thought to find out what the letter for the first clue was, which I just read out! Ah well, curious minds eventually figured this out and were inquisitive enough to win themselves £25 cash, 3 Steam games of their choice and when they’ve arrived, the next GeekOut poster. Then shortly after, 2nd place came in for £15 cash and 2 random Steam games, along with a poster and finally 3rd place came in and earned £10 cash, 1 random Steam game and a poster. Jolly good fun and people were telling me they really enjoyed it – Perhaps my idea of a treasure hunt wasn’t so bad after all! Well then, time for a gallery?

As always, thank you to all of you who attended our meetup on Saturday. Were you there? If you were, make yourselves known in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. I love running these events and any more feedback I can get, the better. I want to keep running these and make them bigger and better each time. Also, check out the video below by VidyaSauce, Jason did an interview with me as well a Vlog on the event itself. Well, that’s all for now, this is Timlah signing out!


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