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YouTube, Merchandise and More

If you like our non-written stuff (I.E videos and other media), then don’t worry, we’ll be bringing more content back to our channels soon! We’re working constantly to try and bring new content to all of our readers. Join Timlah through a quick chat about what we’ve got planned for our channel and what we’re now bringing to people!

Can you believe GeekOut has been around for almost three years now? Neither can I… And when something has been around for a while, you have to look back at it and think what has been a success and what hasn’t. We’ve done lots of series, from our Cosplayer Highlights and Kickstarter Highlights, to our Top 10s. All of those were very well received. My Stonekeep series gets regular views; albeit nothing quite as major as some channels out there. Our posters were well loved; with people telling me that they feel the first lot of posters were visually striking. But something has been off for a while…

Our YouTube Channel is struggling in one aspect; I’ve done a lot of single episodes of things and just carried on doing Stonekeep. Editing videos takes a long time and I appreciate those who spend their time editing their videos to provide something of an entertainment value to them. Whilst people can be funny, such as myself (I am funny), it’s not enough to just make commentary on an increasingly crowded platform. YouTubers come and record themselves playing video games all the time and without editing, an episode is just watching someone play something – Which isn’t always exciting. Especially with a game like Stonekeep!

I intend to get more series going again and I know I say that often… However, my method is changing a little bit. I record an hour of gameplay at a time, which breaks down into approximately four episodes. It could be less, if I do long episodes, but I try to make episodes last about 15 minutes in general. Anything longer is just not fun! I will be starting my Theme Hospital Let’s Play back up from scratch, with commentary and edits. A lot of my thoughts on editing came in because of Theme Hospital; a game that can have a level take over an hour to complete. No idea if I’ll complete the game, as I never have… But hey… I also never thought I’d get as far at Stonekeep  as I have!


Let’s now go back to talking about posters. Merchandise is something I’ve always wanted to branch out into and make for myself. I see people taking fast routes out; they want to get themselves rich and famous with something funny they said or did. They reach out to websites that make things for them: I’m guilty of this. Our first venture out was using CafePress, which I decided to stop doing. I found that the price was far too high (£15 or so for a t-shirt) and it was actually a lot of work to deal with. So instead, I’m now opting to make products to sell on to people. One of the first things I produced were our posters – Our lovely red goat head on a black and grey background.

Now, I’ve made our second poster (the Mad Geeks’ Tea Party) in a small quantity of just 50 of them. I’ll be looking to sell the new poster and the original GeekOut Goat Poster for £5 (inc. PnP) to mainland UK and I’ll be looking into how to sell them abroad cheaply enough. So I take it that you might want to see what our latest poster looks like? What, so you want a sneak peak at our latest poster? That’s fine, here it is:

Poster 2 Finito

The latest poster was made for this months GeekOut Bristol Meet, although we have not yet received them. I only finished the poster on Wednesday, so I’ll be amazed if they arrive in time! I hope they do – As it’ll be good to give some of these out at the meetup on Saturday. If not, they’ll be available via this website for sale, so if you’re interested, then drop us a comment below and I’ll see if I can send one over to you! If you buy a Mad Geeks’ Tea Party poster, I will throw in a GeekOut Goat poster for free! Queue the “Wow!”s, please. I’ve also changed the “dirty” looking words there, so they look cleaner… But I thought I’d show you a near finished product, so you can determine if you like it before it’s finished! That’s a strange ap

There’s a lot that Joel and I are working on right now, which means that you should start to see more stuff to play around with on GeekOut. I’m proud of what we’ve done so far and hope you guys feel like you want to be part of what we’re turning into. Now it’s over to you; Do you like the looks of our posters? What do you think about our YouTube channel and what new series should we run? As always, please leave your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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