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Next GeekOut Meetup: June 11th

Our next meetup is taking place on June 11th. It has a theme like all of our events going forward do and it has a competition with great cash prizes. Join Timlah as we look through our next GeekOut Bristol Meet events and what attendees can look forward to.

GeekOut Bristol meetups are slowly approaching their third year of existence. That’s a remarkably long time and we’ve not missed a single month since inception. Although there is always room for bigger events, our humble geek gathering has gained a lot of attention. Thanks to everyone who turns up to our events, we’re considered to be one of the most inclusive geek communities in the south-west of England. We’re almost there now: We’re just 31 people away from 1,000 members of the Meetup page!


But, every month we try to push the boundaries further. During our May meetup, we introduced themes, seeing our initial theme to be based around bad luck. We saw black cats galore, along with one of the hardest geek quizzes man could set out. We gave prizes out, we drank, we played: For a night of bad luck, it sure was lucky being there.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming release of Through the Looking Glass, we are setting up our first ever hat party! How does a hat party work exactly? Well, you will need a hat and the willingness to party. Lo and behold, you have a hat party! But all jokes aside, we’ll be providing all of the usual at our upcoming meetup… As well as a GeekOut Competition which is much more skill based. Perhaps the competition will involve hats as well..?

GOSW May 13th 2016 11

So, although today’s post is a short one, be sure to check out the GeekOut Bristol Meet – June 11th. If you’re not from Bristol and want to come join in the festivities, make yourself known in the comments below, over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. We hope to GeekOut with you soon!


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