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Video Game Review: RUSH

Yesterday we discussed our Top 10 Balls. As great as balls are, we’re going to go back and talk about boxes now as todays review is on RUSH, a sweet little puzzler game which sees you guiding some boxes (well, cubes) around the place. How does this game… Stack up? Join Timlah as we RUSH through this puzzling world.

I do love a good puzzle game, as I intend to do a video series of Portal 2’s multiplayer at some point. In the mean time, we’ve got to look at some single player puzzle games first. These are games that anyone can pick up and with a small amount of practice will have no problems with mastering. However, let’s now analyse RUSH for all that it’s worth and see if this puzzling little game is enough for a geeky mind.


Developer Two Tribes
Platforms PC (Windows, Mac & Linux), Wii U
Windows Release December 2010
Genre Puzzler
Price on Steam  £3.49




RUSH isn’t the kind of game that you’ll be stuck on for too long. When I played it recently, for the first time in a very long time, I was surprised that I didn’t remember what game it was. It’s a game where you simply guide some cubes from their starting teleporter, to their desination teleporter. Once a cube is out of it’s destination, it’ll move in a straight line unless it hits an obstacle, where it’ll travel to the left, or if that way is blocked too, to the right. If two cubes hit one another, then you’ve failed the puzzle and will have to change your layout.

To help the cubes get from one teleporter to the other, you will have to place down a bunch of different objects to allow them to find their way. Some of these objects include directional arrows, telling the cubes which way to go, multi-directional arrows, telling cubes to go two or more different ways and so on. You can create stoppers and much more – So this is a very simple premise, but a hard game to master unless you have a good puzzling mind.



The sound is very modern in RUSH, focusing on a funky beat. Although it is a fun soundtrack, it is also rather fun listening to the cubes move around the map and hit into walls. They make satisfying little “thunk” noises on impact with a wall, teleporters make fun “whoom” noises and so on. It’s nothing that’s worth singing home about, as he sounds are really minimal. If you enjoy a nice, relaxing puzzle game though, with the right sounds and a modern soundtrack that’ll get you dancing in no time, then this game will suit you just fine. Just make sure no one catches you dancing!


We believe that graphicis and art is a very subjective subject here at GeekOut. From my point of view, I think it looks superb, but it’s up to you ultimately to see if a game looks right for you. As always, here’s a small gallery so you can decide for yourself!



There’s not much that can be said about RUSH. It’s a great game all around, if you’re looking for some time to kill. You certainly aren’t going to be playing anything game of the year material here, but you’re certainly not going to be bored either. Two Tribes, the developers, are going to be coming to an end soon after 15 years of making games like these and more. It’s a shame to see any company close, so I’m going to try to reach out to them for an interview. You never know until you ask.

Have you ever had the chance to play RUSH? What do you think of the game and how difficult do you find the later levels? Does this look like a game you’d be interested in? As always, please do comment below, or over on our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit channels.


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