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Video Game Preview – Three Days

Are you a fan of SCP games? Then look no further than Three Days, a survival horror game by Lewis Bergin and Eloise of GorePixelGames. Join Timlah as we check out this upcoming Steam title which is already available for Early Access.

Who would have thought that a simple tale about SCP would have evolved into a whole mythos unto itself? Intriguing how there are new stories and new people adding to the very open world all the time, in many different mediums. From an article, to full blown stories and even new video games, SCP as a concept is constantly growing and Three Days builds upon the SCP story quite nicely.


You are playing as the lead scientist for a brand new, top secret SCP project, the SCP-2432. Something goes incredibly wrong during the development of the project and the ship you are on (which also contains the SCP) explodes! You check out your handy smart watch and the last message displayed on it tells you that you only have three days to escape the island. You now need to simply build yourself a boat from the scarce resources on the islands, survive and escape! How hard can that be..?

If you’re interested in horror survival games, such as Don’t Starve (which is the closest comparison to this title), then you’ll indeed be excited for Three Days. It’s a great adaptation/alternative look at the SCP stories, but all I know now is that along with Legend of Zelda, I have another reason to be scared of chickens. Honestly, I don’t know why people like to make chickens out to be such terrifying creatures of chaos and despair – But there we go.

Being on Fire

Just another day of being on fire.

As a side-note, the developer gave me a Steam Key to try out the Dev Build of the game. You can watch me playing through two attempts at the game in the video below. During my time in Three Days, I realised just how confusing some things were. I have a few criticisms, but most of them are quite minimal in general. The Steam key that I was provided was for Windows Operating Systems, however I use Ubuntu as many of you know. WINE ran this game perfectly. I believe this is because it’s a Game Maker game, which generally runs well under WINE. The game is also lightweight enough and well-made, so I never experienced any crashes. 10/10 from me and Linux!

One great thing about this title was the day to night mechanic, although I do wish there was a bit more obviousness about the shifts in time. For instance: When day turns to night, it literally will jump from day to night. It works and it makes you panic because of the enemies that are around you, however that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s perfect just yet. I’d rather see that the day was turning into night. I’d like a visual indicator, although the hours remaining and the weather elements of the GUI are really nice.


I love how clearly laid out the experience, level bar and the talent trees were. I also like how quickly you can finish your time in the game. The tutorial was also really good, although as I previously mentioned – I do have some criticisms. There are spelling mistakes, but since this is a Dev build, I hope to see the developer take this away and improve the spelling. I would happily offer out my time to read through all the script and clear up any spelling mistakes, should they want to take me up on that offer: But if not, I hope they at least read this and understand the impact that can make. The aforementioned spelling mistakes I’ve already been informed have been addressed! Great job, GorePixelGames, you’re going to make me have nothing to critique at this rate!

As well as this, the only other criticism I could truly provide is regarding the thirst indicator. I didn’t seem able to ever drink water in the game, even though every island was literally surrounded by the sea. I understand the heat mechanic and I thought that was really well done. I even quickly came to understand the hunger mechanic, by pressing down on the middle mouse button to consume food. This was really easy to understand, as I like to walk into games blind, by not looking at instructions. I’m sure it is written in the instructions somewhere.


Wasting seconds is a bad thing – Time is survival in this game!

Surviving a day and night is actually pretty easy in general, even though I died twice in the video. I understand the mechanics – You need to very quickly go and gather resources, get yourself lots of wood for your fire, as well as making a “firestarter” (I.E a flint and tinder kit, as is oh so familiar to many a gamer). To make a fire, you need to combine sticks and wood together, which you then combine with a firestarter to create a fire. It makes enough sense! You can then create more fires by doing this, or you can burn things on your existing fire once it has ran out to keep your fire going.

The SCPs seem to not like fire, though I am a little curious as to why the chickens seemingly turn into shadowy coyotes. It’s nothing that takes away from the game and the game makes it very apparent that you should try to whittle down the chicken population if possible, due to their corrupt nature in turning into SCPs. I found the concept highly amusing – And when you put the campfire down, if an SCP is in your vicinity (which is indicated via a large circle around the area you’re in), it’ll try to run away from you! You don’t want to touch an SCP though, as they’ll always hurt you.


What happened to the sweet chicken?!

The game was highly entertaining, but a few things need to be done. With a little more polish, this could be a great fun little game and you know what? I’m going to keep going and possibly keep recording until I get a full run that I manage to complete. I’ll figure out the drinking mechanic, which I’m sure is something as easy as pressing a button when in the water, but honestly, I’d not be surprised if it was just me doing something very stupid. The audio was good, though I’d like to see a “increase/decrease volume” slider, plus some sound effects (being hit by an SCP) are a bit… Annoying. However, to GorePixelGames: I’m impressed with what’s been done so far, as the game seems to have been developed primarily by two people, Lewis Bergin and Eloise. I’m looking forward to seeing more!


Buy Three Days on Steam

GorePixelGames Official Website

GorePixelGames Official Twitter Page

Lewis Bergin Twitter Page

Now that you’ve had a look at Three Days with me, why not go and check it out on Steam? It’s open for Early Access at the moment and it’s certainly very playable. I’m sure things can only get better from here. Many thanks to Lewis for sharing his game with us and now it’s over to you: What do you think of Three Days? Do you enjoy games like this, or have you never played games like Don’t Starve before? Please do go and check it out, I can tell a lot of heart has gone into this game and I like all the story that’s been put in thus far (Even if I did skip through it all in the video!!!) As always, leave your comments below, over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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