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GeekOut Tube – Returns and Podcast

We’ve had a few weeks of inactivity on our YouTube channel whilst we prepared for Kitacon and the last GeekOut Bristol Meet… But now we’ve returned and we’ve got some new games to get recording and we’re starting our podcasts over on the platform! Read on to find out more about our upcoming schedule.

Don’cha just hate it when life gets in the way of doing things that you really love? But what about when it’s other things that you really love? You just have to prioritise and get on with it, really. That’s what I had to do for the past few weeks. We haven’t really been uploading much to our YouTube channel, but we are far from abandoning it. In fact, this week, we uploaded episode 31 of Stonekeep and hopefully I will be recording and editing the next few episodes over the course of the next few days. As well as Kitacon and GeekOut Bristol, I also have had the pleasure of working in my day job over in London for the week leading to our meet. Yes, I returned home on Friday 8th at about 8pm, then got up on the 9th for our monthly meetup. Between Kitacon and the last GeekOut Bristol Meet, I have had no time to work on videos.

I changed that this week by doing episode 31. As well as this, I didn’t make the channel completely silent over the course of those days. I managed to record a video of Joel playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s quite surreal having a recording of one of us playing a game on stage… But we’ve got it. It’s not great, but just wait ’til I invest in a proper tripod and even a better video recording camera! Ahem, speaking of recording though, what do we have coming up and what are we going to do more of?

First things first, to anyone who actually enjoys watching GeekOut Plays Stonekeep, thank you. You keep me going through the game and more importantly, through recording the game and commentating over it. Through the many technical issues I seem to have, such as microphones that only work on some programs and not on others, I press on with recording my Stonekeep episodes. I love making them, I love the amount of work I put into every episode and I love that people talk about what I do and that I’m sharing a golden oldie with everyone. Thanks for watching – There’ll be more.

GOCast 1 thumbnail

The thumbnail for our first YouTube ready GeekOut Podcast – Coming this week!

Also, we have a podcast on the way to GeekOut Tube. We recorded it a while back, but we’ve been waiting to recover some audio. We’re about there, we’ll be putting it up some time this week, along with at least two more Stonekeep videos. Keep an eye out, hopefully we’ll start up another new YouTube series at some point in the near future. I’m hoping to occasionally gather members of the GeekOut South-West social group, so we can record and play a board game together on camera. I can’t promise those will be PG-13, that’s for sure! As always, thanks for reading and we’ll catch you over on GeekOut Tube! As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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