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Top 10 Funniest Death Scenes

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Death is no laughing matter… Usually. In this day and age, media has gotten so silly, so crazy, that even death is something that can be mocked. Whilst we’re not on about death being funny as a general concept, we’re talking about those scenes in any media that is so dumb, so abhorrently stupid, that it makes a character’s death look ridiculous or just downright funny.

Join us for this week’s Top 10, where we look at 10 of the funniest death scenes we could think of. Stick around, let us know what we should do for next week’s top 10 and tell us what you thought of this list at the end!

Top 10

10. Blowing Things Up – Rubber


When your film is about a tyre that goes around and just wants to murder things, seemingly without rhyme or reason, you know you’re watching a B-Movie. That is the case of Rubber, a film about a sentient tyre that literally rolls itself around the place and causes a lot of carnage. It’s a bit of an artsy film, which seriously divides people. I personally love this silly little film, but I can imagine there were a lot of people who just didn’t get it.

Lo and behold, when killing things, the tyre generally likes to blow things up with its… Tyre..d.. Mind. Um, I think I was tired when making that pun. Nevertheless, some of the things that the unnamed tyre blows up includes rabbits, birds and even humans. It’s a little bit grim to watch, but it’s done so cornily that you barely care. It’s great to watch with a pint of beer in one hand and the other hand scratching your head.

9. Bubsy Bobcat deaths

Oh Bubsy, you were one of the supposed mascots for the SEGA but that never took off for you, did it? The first Bubsy game was really quite amusing and was known as Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, but we all just simply called it Bubsy. He was a Bobcat who went around collecting yarm and seemingly defeating alien invaders in his home. It was a little silly adventure, really.

But the most iconic thing about this platformer was the silly death system it had. From being blasted off the map, to turning into an accordion, Bubsy really has it hard whenever he dies. He gets smashed apart, he turns stiff and collapses and more. Plus, he’s constantly slipping on banana peels. Bubsy, you were a great fun platformer, but some of the ways you died made barely any sense!

8. Petrol fight with friends – Zoolander

Petrol Fight

Derek Zoolander is a male supermodel, who has loads of unique looks which wins plenty of awards. These unique model looks include Le Tigre, Blue Steel and Magnum. He wasn’t an ambiturner, meaning he couldn’t look left, which is a major problem when going against ambiturners. But in one fateful model show, Derek lost, having been the returning champion of the competition.

Sad and depressed, Derek’s friends decide to try to make him happy and remember how much fun they could have; models or not. So they end up fighting one another with petrol, because that is a sensible thing to do when you’re rather… dumb. So naturally, one decides they want to light a cigarette. Derek understands this is a bad thing, so tries to stop him, but they all explode in the petrol station. Darwinism at its finest, but the scene was absolutely hilarious!

7. Woodchipper – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


The horror film turned sideways is a fantastic cavalcade of misunderstandings and badly strung together coincidences in which a bunch of college students become increasingly convinced that they’re on the wrong end of a pair of hillbilly slasher-murderers. The idiot kids decide to get the drop on the slashers in an “us or them” play, the end result of which is a lot of dead college kids and two confused and scared rednecks trying to pull one of the idiots out of a woodchipper.

Tucker and Dale are just trying to help out and make friends, and all it takes is a few conclusions getting jumped to, and one vicious teenager with a weird grudge for a holiday to turn into a full blown assault, but a weapon in inept hands is as much a danger to the wielder, and these are some particularly inept hands. In a wrongfully underrated film this scene is iconic, and should go down in film history as a moment that not only helped define the horror-comedy genre, but also serves as a terrible reminder of the dangers one faces when handling heavy machinery.

6. The Salmon Mousse – Monty Python and the Meaning of Life


Kind of cheating. There are plenty of death scenes across the Monty Python back-catalogue, but here’s one that actually features Death, as in the robed skeleton with the scythe who ushers souls into the next life. He pops up from time to time, but in the Meaning of Life is where we find our scene, where the Grim Reaper arrives at a dinner party uninvited to harvest the souls of a group of upper-middle class diners who believed themselves to be enjoying a sumptuous meal amongst friends, only to have the cause of their simultaneous demise revealed… The Salmon Mousse!

Let this be a lesson to anyone who serves a meal, when people say that if they ever ate a salmon mousse made with tinned salmon that “they would simply die” then you’d best believe it. When the upper-middle class eat anything not farm fresh and hand-prepared then it’s the end of them, a faux-pas too far. While we could have picked the death of the people trying to hide, the crucifixion of Brian or the explosion of Mr. Creosote, better to offer a nod of thanks to the dread spectre who has a job to do and pompous jerks in denial to deal with every day.

5. “Tank you” – Kung Fury

Not all nazis were hate-filled racists, in fact many were just normal people doing a normal job for a hate-filled racist regime, and they have normal conversations with one another on the subject of top-lip decoration and how stupid it makes you look. Whilst going about this day to day activity of ritual humiliation between peers, one would not normally expect sudden and barely comprehensible death, unless one is working for such an organisation, but in a world of vikings riding dinosaurs and time-hacking then nazis should really expect to be beaten to death with a tank.

Kung Fury is the most 80’s thing ever made, there’s no question about that. And the very simple truth is that this scene is not even the height of the ridiculousness, if anything this scene is positively understated by comparison to the rest of the short-film, but of all of the death scenes that occur – and there are many – there are few that make one laugh quite so hard as a random pair of nazis being crushed to death by the tank they were supposed to be guarding, followed up by the worst pun ever.

4. Samuel L Jackson – Deep Blue Sea

In a fairly bland beast-horror with only one particularly noteworthy name on the bill, there are a few moments that could be considered fairly laughable. The science is dodgy, and not just the genetic engineering on those sharks, but despite some hit and miss writing, shocking CGI and just generally not being scary, Deep Blue Sea did one thing staggeringly well and that was shake-up the established kill-order.

Most people starting that film could have written down a list of characters in order of who died and when, leaving which characters to live for the sequel that’ll never happen. Every single list would have been wrong, because none of them would have started with Samuel L. Jackson, especially not mid-speech. We’ve talked about this film before, and I know I’ve made this point a few times but seriously could the sharks not have let him finish talking before the shock-dismemberment of a decade?

3. Pulling a dummy through a window – Nightmare on Elm Street


A Nightmare on Elm Street - Dummy Death

Freddy Kreuger is one of the horror genre’s greatest bad guys, having taken on Jason and many teenage kids. Okay, so really he’s just a little bit of a creepy guy, who is probably a little bit misunderstood. There’s lots of scenes in Nightmare on Elm Street that’ll make you scratch your head in utter disbelief that this is considered one of the greatest horrors… But it was good, I promise! There were lots of shocking moments, which will leave you cringing for a bit at least.

However, this particular death is infamous. It’s supposed to be a really serious, touching moment, where some characters are leaving. As the scene pans back to the lovely lady standing at the door, waving the characters off, Freddy’s arm comes through the window in the door and grabs her! With the characters screaming from the car, we pan back to the soon to be murdered lady and boom… She’s actually now a dummy, which is being dragged through the window, very awkwardly. It’s so badly done, that it’s just downright hilarious to watch. It could have been a much better scene, if there was an actual window, not a small door window, for her to go through.

2. Thunder – Big Trouble in little China


Thunder, Rain and Lightning, because nothing is too cliché when you’re writing a film about ninjas in America and the quest of one man to free himself from an ancient curse and make himself pretty again. These three mystic warriors blessed with the powers of each aspect of the storm have a very “anime” set of powers, that also render them bullet proof and capable of defying gravity.

Rain dies in a sword duel, Lightning beneath a dropped statue, but Thunder survives to outlive his master, and in his outrage and dishonour at failure to protect Lo Pan, begins to inflate. No, not just puff up in anger, I mean he blows up like a pufferfish, force escaping him from every orifice until he finally pops like a big fleshy balloon. There’s a reason why this film flopped, but there’s also a reason why it’s become a cult classic. If you want to watch Kurt Russel in a kinda racist but brilliantly trashy action film, Big Trouble in Little China is one of the best things you could ever watch.

1. “They’re eating her…” – Troll 2

Heralded as one of the best/worst films ever put to screen, Troll 2 is a list of bad film making habits as though Claudio Fragasso were creating a manual in how to make an awful film. Bad foreshadowing, dimensionless characters played by actors who barely earned the title, and a “story”. Green jelly is the principle method of demise as it appears to be part of the goblin’s digestive process – maybe, it’s hard to tell – as it turns people into plants to be subsequently eaten.

There are a parade of awful scenes, but there isn’t another quite like this one. I couldn’t even tell you who died, except that I know the goblins ate her, and then they were going to eat the other guy, a prospect that would be terrifying for anyone, and the guy makes his displeasure known very loudly, as one would, perhaps in the hopes of being heard and rescued. But we shall never forget the words, “They’re eating her! And then they’re going to eat me! Oh my goooooood!”

Honourable Mention

We’ve just gone through 10 scenes of utterly ridiculous, silly, funny deaths. Whilst we do not recommend that you try re-enacting any of the scenes for yourself, you’re more than welcome to look up the ones you didn’t know about and enjoy the stupidity that unfolds. Meanwhile, here’s two more things that make for funny death scenes.


You know when you die in a video game, normally it’s incredibly dramatic. You will see your character drop to his or her knees, cough up their last breath, collapse or otherwise die in a way that makes you feel bad for failing them? Yeah, that isn’t the case whenever you watch a character ragdolling.

Taken from the concept of a ragdoll, ragdolling is when your characters body drops and becomes as loose as a ragdoll. It’s loose, it’s free, it’s wobbly… And it can be downright hilarious. A great example of ragdolling is in The Elder Scrolls – Skyrim. Whenever you see a giant, they have a chance to do a sort of upper-swing on you. If they manage to hit this and kill you, then your body flies up into the sky… And then gravity and your floppy body does the rest until you eventually land again.

Darwin Awards


If you don’t know what the Darwin Awards are, then you’re probably doing alright in life. The Darwin Awards are given out to people who manage to stop themselves from, so say, polluting the future of the human race by either killing themselves in somewhat of a fantastic, often humorous way, or by mutilating their genitalia, thus stopping any chance of them producing any offspring.

Now, whilst we cannot provide any specific examples of these awards, the types of things that happen include people dying by deciding not to breathe, because why not? They also die by believing in things that just cannot exist, thus ending their lives in tragically humorous ways. There’s many examples, but you can check out some of the previous winners on the official Darwin Awards website!


That’s it for this week, we’re going to stop getting squashed by giant inflatable wacky wavy arm men and we’re certainly not going to do anything that will earn us a Darwin Award for ourselves. But now it’s over to you guys to decide what we must write about for next week’s Top 10 list.

As always, thanks for reading this list and it’s now fully over to you guys. Do you agree with the contents of this list? Were there any death scenes that are so funny that you have to tell us? Can you think of any better than what we have already, or do you think we ordered the list wrongly? Please remember to like and comment on this post, or respond to us on Facebook, or Twitter. See you all next week – Keep safe!


3 responses

  1. Bubsy was annoying so I welcomed seeing his death animations. Haha, that scene from Zoolander was hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

    April 17, 2016 at 8:50 am

    • I loved Bubsy – But he was a little annoying. Especially since he was punny before being punny was… y’know, funny! Still loved it :)

      Yeah, it stands out as a death scene to me, because it literally is Darwin Award worthy!

      Liked by 1 person

      April 17, 2016 at 8:30 pm

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