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Video Game Review: Awesomenauts

With a title like that, how can this game be bad? It’s a three vs three MOBA action game, with a great range of characters and expansions. Join Timlah as we look through the wonderfully unique and colourful world of Awesomenauts.

Dutch-based Ronimo Games made Awesomenauts, a MOBA that came along and completely uncomplicated the sometimes inaccessible genre. It’s been relatively successful throughout and has been released for a number of different platforms. Whilst it’s never reached the heights that other MOBAs have, such as League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, it’s certainly made its mark on the genre. Refreshing and unique, it’s a great title that I’d thoroughly recommend picking up if you get the chance.


Developer Ronimo Games
Platforms Windows, OS X, Linux, XBox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, XBox 360
Windows Release 1 August 2012
Genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Includes single player bot games)
Price on Steam £6.99 for the base game
Expansion/s Starstorm (£5.99), Overdrive (£5.99)




There’s not much in the way of a story for Awesomenauts, although all of the characters have a good bit of information about themselves. As such, rather than looking at anything to do with story, we’re going straight into the gameplay.

You play as one of a number of characters, all of whom have vastly different powers and abilities. Much like with all MOBAs, you have a very limited number of these abilities, most of the time you only have three abilities. Most of the characters have a very good balance to them; with some characters being very easy to kill but able to take opponents down with ease, to some who can last forever and a day at the cost of raw damage output. With this said, the balance isn’t perfect, with some characters, especially in the new update, feeling outright broken. This isn’t an exclusive issue to Awesomenauts mind you, it’s quite a common issue in the genre in general.

In the game, you play in a team of three and it’s up to you to kill the enemy team, destroy their turrets and eventually destroy their base. A game can last anywhere between 10 minutes to 40 minutes during a particularly tense game. I once beat an enemy team in 7:32, so I was particularly proud of that win. If you’ve ever beaten an enemy team in this game quicker, let us know in the comments – Brag the night away!

With your limited abilities, you normally just start off with the basic attack and your jump: That’s about it. There are achievements for people who want to try to kill people without any purchases from the in-game shop, as well as achievements for doing specific kills with abilities, or even by beating up the creeps (AI enemies).

Everyone levels as a team, rather than individually. This can make a game really easy, really hard, or really competitive depending on the states of the teams you’ve got. For instance, I once joined into a game we were losing by 5 levels. After a lot of hard pushing, we were able to not only turn the tides, but win. It doesn’t feel like you are doomed to lose when you lose a certain amount of levels to the enemies; there’s always a way to fight back. However, if you’re uncertain what you’re doing, you will get landslided. If you die, you award the opposing team experience and solar (in-game currency). This allows them to upgrade their skills. Alternatively, if you kill an enemy, your team gets experience and you are all awarded Solar; 70 for delivering the final blow, 30 each for everyone else on your team. Getting 70 Solar is very useful, as that’s generally most of the way towards a skill upgrade.

There are characters to suit all play styles; from those like me who prefer to play as a roguey, sneaky type, to outright brawlers and archers, magicians and risk-takers. There’s a play style to suit everyone. I’d heavilly recommend that if you do play, to make a character your “main”. This means you will be pretty good at one, whilst learning more about the other characters at the same time. My main character is Leon the Chameleon, a stealthy French chameleon who is all about sneaking up on his foes and attacking them unnannounced.



I love the soundtrack in Awesomenauts. It’s really catchy and great fun. It’s meant to make you nod your head a little bit, to help get your adrenaline going and to provide a generally nice backing track to your killing sprees. The soundtrack does just that. Interestingly, every character seems to have their own theme tune too, which really helps to bring the character and their backstories out of them.


I like the cartoony graphics. It’s bright, it’s accessible to everyone and it’s incredibly clean to look at. You know what is going on at all times, so check through our gallery to see if this game looks good to you too!



As you might be able to tell, I thoroughly enjoy my time on Awesomenauts. It’s a MOBA which has a quite nice community; although some of them are bafflingly weird. I’ve noticed a lot of memes get spouted around the general chat, so that’s always fun to watch and get involved in. People seem willing to just chat, as well. I’ve also not seen much of what I call aggro from people. It’s just a chilled out, easy to pick up and very easy to play MOBA. I’m looking forward to getting further and picking up my first badge in the game. It’s only a matter of time.

Now I throw the ball back to your court – What do you think of Awesomenauts? Have you had the chance to play it yourself? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter. What is the good and the bad you’ve seen in the title? Do you like the new expansions and are they worth the cost?


3 responses

  1. Looks like something I would like to try and from what you wrote I see why you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    April 16, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    • I love Awesomenauts. I had a 10 win streak going until this review though! I’ve got to get that back at some point :) It’s a game that has hooked me for life!


      April 18, 2016 at 8:19 pm

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