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EVA Spacewalk Emergency VR

At GeekOut we often get emails about new and upcoming projects; Some are incredibly exciting and relevant to modern technologies. Recently I spoke to Andrew Baker of Candy Code who wanted to tell us about their upcoming experience.

Virtual Reality is one of the current technologies that the video game and also the educational industries are embracing heavily. By using cheaper technologies, such as Google Cardboard, we are able to get VR incredibly cheap these days – You can literally make a VR headset yourself if you follow some basic instructions. By making it so accessible, we are all about to start taking part in the VR movement and, having experienced it first hand back at Rezzed 2015, I can tell you that it is an exciting future.

With the knowledge gained from recent UK astronaut Tim Peake to draw inspiration from, Candy Code have created a space walking game, which supports Virtual Reality technologies. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, it’s not possible to find out too much more information as their website appears to be down. However, when it’s back up, information can be found on Candy Code’s project here. They are looking for people to get involved with their project via ways of beta testing, so if this sounds interesting to you and you are local to the city of Bristol, you may be in luck.

We wish Candy Code the best of luck with their project – If you want to get involved, you can contact the organiser via Meetup.


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