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Cosplay: Rave Pikachu (Raveachu)

With Kitacon so close to us, I decided, like I do every year, that I was going to change my costume line up from three new costumes, to ones that I already have done. Except this time, I thought I’d put a spin on that and make a whole new costume in just under two weeks. Join Timlah through the weird idea of having a raving Pikachu.

Let’s face it: If there were one Pokemon that could be considered a raver, it would be Pikachu. The little guy has been seen wearing a multitude of things and recently has taken to cosplaying poor, innocent Hawluchas. As well as this, he likes to wear balloons, says Happy Birthday and much more. Pikachu is a little rodent with so much personality and such a sweet, adorable demeanour that only a Pikachu could be seen to be a party-going, hardcore dancing, midnight drinking raver. Let’s be honest now!

Rave Pikachu

Ah, the elusive Raveachu. Haven’t spotted one of these since the early 00’s!

Okay, I might be overemphasising Pikachu’s tendency to stay out late and enjoy the night life, but since Kitacon is a massive blow-out, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy such an insane notion. Only this time, it might not be so insane. It started with a little joke to a few of my colleagues, who I said “I think I should scrap all of my costumes for now, do them as and when, then just make a raving Pikachu.” Now, people who are close to me are used to me randomly deciding to make a costume last minute, which ends in nothing happening and boom: Back to Oskar, or back to Twoflower, or more rarely Parappa the Rapper and Edward Elric.

This time however, I decided that I wanted to go completely outlandish. I wanted to go to Kitacon and I wanted to be remembered. I wanted to look ridiculous, yet at the same time utterly brilliant. I knew that in my mind, out of all the Pokemon, Pikachu is the one that I could have the most fun with. After all, with his sudden affinity for cosplaying himself, Pikachu is the prime candidate for this kind of transformation. The little electric mouse would now grow a bit and become a raver… But what on earth have I done to make a raving Pikachu? Am I just going to show up in my Pikachu onesie and have a lot of glowsticks?

Cosplay Pikachu Tail DIY

Cosplay Pikachu Tail in progress

Not quite.

The above picture is a work in progress shot of a massive Pikachu tail I’m working on as of this weekend. I’ve also started work on the ears, of which I just need a headband and I need to secure it properly to said headband (epoxy putty might be my best bet here, or just simple hot glue). Once I decided on this, I set out to figure what sort of things a raving Pikachu would need:

  • Yellow long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Yellow baggy trousers
  • Yellow boots
  • Pikachu tail
  • Pikachu ears
  • Red cheeks

So far, so normal. Originally, the tail, trousers and t-shirt weren’t going to be – It was just going to stay as my onesie with a few extra bits and bobs…

Red LED Glasses

I jokingly was going to just turn up to the convention in my onesie one day and paint my face in a glow in the dark/UV light face paint; bright yellow face with red cheeks. A little bit disturbing, I suddenly thought, but I didn’t fully give up on the idea. There was some merit behind it. After all, Pikachu is a funny little creature. So I decided: Okay, okay, I’ll keep the glowing red cheeks then. That’s, at least, quite a cute and innocent thing. With that, I added the idea of having a home-made tail and having yellow baggy trousers and a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt. Simple enough, means I can have a bit of a laugh with some glow sticks, too.

My brain knew this wasn’t enough. I wanted to make my Pikachu a raver. I wanted to become the one and only Raveachu… But how would I go about this? I decided that with no hood to hide behind, I should go ahead and cover my hair with something. A brown-haired Pikachu would look a little bit weird. Then I decided: But if he’s a raver, then surely he’s going to have some crazy hair, no? I took inspiration from the LGBT community and decided to get myself a rainbow wig – and this is the first time I’ve taken some inspiration from My Little Pony, believe it or not. There are loads of beautiful rainbow wigs courtesy of Rainbow Dash. Now, the one that’s coming to my place also has the Rainbow Dash tail… But I might be able to turn that into a ponytail (get it?) for the wig. We’ll see what that’s like when it arrives here. I’ve already got hair clips and a hairnet for all of that!

But… This wasn’t enough. I decided to get myself some rainbow leg warmers and rainbow hand warmers. No, this wasn’t enough! I opted to buy some UV Gel Wristbands. 24 of them, in fact! But this STILL wasn’t enough! What was I missing?! I realised in my room, I have a portable disco ball, so that’s going to join me… Then I thought “Come on, I’m so close… What am I missing?!” Then it came to me. The finishing touch was simply some glasses. Some red LED glasses at that, to match the red glow of my cheeks. All of a sudden, I wasn’t a Pikachu. I was a Raveachu. I also got myself a portable speaker which operates on Bluetooth… And I got myself the Happy Hardcore song linked above: Pika Girl.

I will be getting all the items through the post within the next two to five days, so there’s always a chance I could add more to it still. All I know is that I’ve gone from three normal as hell characters to one Raveachu… In less than 24 hours. It’ll take no more than a week to get this costume pieced together, so check our social media channels for the picture of the finished Raveachu. If there’s any complications, I’ll let people know about it there. If you’re coming to Kitacon Karnival 2016, let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. I’m also going to try to make a necklace of Poke Balls. Let me know: is this a joke gone too far? Or is it a joke gone too awesome?! This might be the first time I have way over a week spare before I need to have finished a costume! Incredible!!


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