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GeekOut Bristol Meet – March 11th Gallery

The third GeekOut Bristol Meet is over for the year – Not bad! Time to go ahead and see what were the common themes and have a look at this months gallery. Were you there? Let us know in the comments!

As always, let me start this article off by thanking each and every one of you who turned up. Fridays are generally quieter events, but once more, the South-West based geeks made their voices heard loudly and clearly. There was a staggering 36 people in total for this event throughout the day – Tremendous stuff, especially since most people appeared at the end of their working days. But hey, what were some of our common themes?


It’s a sign

GeekOut Meetup Sign

People love our signs. They love our posters. I got a request to make a larger poster, so I’ll try to honour that as soon as possible. The fact of the matter is, people like what we have. They like our physical media, they like the fact that we’re professional about what we do, yet aren’t afraid to just have a damn good night out. We met many new faces, as well as having met our long standing friends as well. Whenever people comes to a GeekOut Bristol Meet, they generally have a blast. If there’s any problems, people know they can just approach me and talk about the problem. I enjoy listening to the community we’re building.


2016-03-11 14.05.35

I don’t say this enough, but the game that apparently causes more broken friendships than bringing them together is staggeringly popular. Is it because of our use of a more novel set, or is it because Monopoly is a game that people understand and genuinely enjoy for the most part? It’s not everyones cup of tea, sure, but it certainly seem to be one of our more popular picks. Combine this with games like Cards Against Humanity, Bucket of Doom and Werewolf which always gets played at some point, we’ve got a great mix of games for people of all different levels of gaming.

I mean since Sushi Go was brought to the events, that’s become one of our most used games too. Perhaps simplicity is king in social groups?

Shut Up and Take My Money..?

This is a weird one and a really hard one for me to talk about; but I’m regularly asked at GeekOut if I would accept funding, or a sort of entry fee for GeekOut, which is against my core values of GeekOut. It’d be a little bit hypocritical of me to say “This is an all inclusive community!” and then say “£2 entry please!” Instead, I don’t want to resort to asking people to pay for GeekOut… But what if..?

What if there’s a way we can make our events bigger and better? What if there’s a way we can get more stuff and work to get it to be more busy than ever before? Is monetisation the way to go for this? Or is building our community further the way to go? Let me know what you think – How would I go about funding the social group, other than doing it all through the new website once it’s built? Should I even consider things such as Patreon, or just a simple PayPal Donate Button?


Not many pictures were taken this event – But that’s because everyone came in and just went straight to having a good time. New people said they felt really welcomed and I hope they all return soon. We have some great people here in Bristol… And I believe these same sorts of great people are to be found across the UK. It’s just a case of bringing them all together for the purpose of getting geek culture the voice it so rightfully deserves.

As always, thanks for joining me. If you were there, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Next months event will be published later tonight. Let me know what you think about accepting donations, or money per event. What’s our next logical step?


2 responses

  1. You refuse to capitalize on Geek Out SW. That generous mindset will not serve you well in Pokemon Monopoly.

    Liked by 1 person

    March 14, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    • At one point, we had a serious conversation about “alternative winning solutions”, to which one of them was to, mid-game, support communism and just share the wealth :P

      Liked by 1 person

      March 15, 2016 at 12:51 am

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