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Pac-Man – Blinky the Pixel Block Ghost

If you’re a fan of Pac-Man, cute little toys and tricky little things to build, then this is the article for you – Several attempts, but I got there – And I have a cute little addition to my collection of misfits. Join Timlah as we look at the Blinky I built from the Pixel Block range.

On Friday 26th, during our live stream (Which there’s still time to donate for), I was sat, waiting patiently for my turn… And during a few points, I decided that I needed something to do before I was to go live. I looked over my desk, cleared a few things off and knew I still had about eight more hours before my turn! I’m not even exaggerating – I had a long day that day. But before the stream, I wanted something to do. For those who were in the chat when I was there, they would remember this cute little model I built up.

Pixel Blocks Blinky Number of Blocks

Just a pile of Pixel Bricks! Look, I started…

Anyone who knows me even just a little bit will know that I love Pac-Man. It’s one of those games I’ve written about a few times, via several different flairs. Be it a memory, or be it re-experiencing the game, I love Pac-Man. Simple as that. So when my partner got me a Pixel Block of Blinky, I knew I was onto a winner! I opened the packet and… The above is what I had to start with. It’s quite a terrifying experience, when you’ve got instructions that show you what pixels go where, but don’t necessarily slap you in the face with some of the finer details, such as how many of a specific block is there.

Lo and behold, I knew that since I opened the packet, I would have to make sure I finish it. After all, I have a whole team of little figures that needed a new acquaintance! I sat there, laughing away at the stream, courtesy of the highly amusing Nathan, whilst working away at making sure Blinky was made… And here are all of the progress pictures to prove that yes, even I was able to finish this Pixel Block.

Out of the whole range, it looks as if Blinky makes the most sense. The Sonic is a little bit weird and Pac-Man himself looks like something out of a movie made up of all of your nightmares… But nevertheless, I would recommend a Pac-Man connoisseur to go and pick up a little Blinky, but be warned! If you’re like me and you’re good at accidentally solving the problem in less steps, you’re going to end up with a lot of extra pixel blocks. I couldn’t just throw them away, so I knew I had to make something else out of it. So, Blinky can finally deal with the troublesome Pac-Man the way he’s always wanted to: With frickin’ lasers!

Pac-Man Pixel Bricks

Nice laser you’ve got there, Blinky!

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we close this article out then. This is not a replacement for LEGO, so if you buy this as a gift for someone who likes LEGO, they will likely want to poke you in the eye. So please, don’t do that. Instead, buy this for the fan of Pac-Man, who will likely get a bit of a chuckle out of this. Also, retro gamers and fans of all that’s retro will love Blinky. Because of how fiddly the pieces are, I’d probably be careful giving this to people with rather big hands. My hands are quite small, thus I was able to get the pieces in the right positions. The camera was right against the pieces, hence the difference between Pixel Bricks (Which are literally as small as pixels) and LEGO (which are big and chunky!)

I loved it – But let me know in the comments below. Have you ever had anything from the Pixel Bricks range? Is that Pac-Man nightmare fuel, or is it just me? As always, thanks for reading – Share your opinions below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Figurine collection

A small group of oddballs – I love them all.

*This isn’t a sponsored post. I just had a lot of fun making my Blinky model who sits so nicely with his new companions: Mini Pikachu, Ajani Goldmane, Blank Munny, Chibi Qubeley, Paddington Bear, Cat and Tiger and a button one of our fans made us. My thanks go out to Jake for the Pixel Bricks <3 It’s rare I finish projects – Maybe this is a good sign!


2 responses

  1. justyna

    Hi, I have a request could take a photo of the instructions and send it to me ? Because we got lost , unfortunately :(


    May 30, 2016 at 10:12 am

    • Hey there,

      I am not sure if I will still have the instructions, however I will have a check when I am home tomorrow night! Here’s hoping I still have it :)


      May 30, 2016 at 11:19 am

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