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Kitacon Karnival – April 1st to April 3rd

Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages, gather round for an exquisite spectacle of curiosities and courageousness on the centre stage. We’re pleased to welcome you all to read on about the upcoming Kitacon Karnival!

Yes, Joel and I will be attending Kitacon for our third consecutive year. I mean, it’s not like we’re addicted to that convention or anything now is it? The theme for this year as you might have guessed by our preamble is a carnival – A Kitacon Karnival at that! We’re looking to get stuck right in with the festivities, so join us as I look at what’s exciting for this year, what my plans are and more.


I will be donning my costumes once more, hoping to debut at least one, if not three brand new costumes for this year. Since we’re currently on the home stretch before the convention is here, with less than a month to go, I’m working my socks off to make sure I get these costumes put together in a timely fashion. All of the big pieces are being worked on right now, allowing me the extra time to care about smaller cosplay pieces.

Kitacon 2015 was amazing, just like it was in 2014. When I returned to the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, it felt like I was returning to visit an old friend; a familiar place where we would be able to meet up with old friends and also make new friends in the process – and we did just that on both parts. We met up with some serious regulars to the UK convention scene and whenever we said we worked as part of GeekOut South-West, people actually recognised who we were, which is always flattering!

The Team

This year then, we took it one step further: We got an article in the Kitacon conbook, along with getting our press passes! Hurray!!! This is always an exciting time for us, when we sign off for our press passes, allowing us to take film with our equipment and get up nice and close to the main stage for special events. I hope to bring you all some images from this year’s Kitacon Masquerade shortly after it’s finished! In fact, one thing I’m keen to do is a lot more live from Kitacon experiences – Perhaps shorter, but more frequent posts?

I’m looking forward to seeing the guests this year, which aren’t announced as of yet. They will be announced over the coming weeks on their Facebook and Twitter pages. But one of the more curious additions to the convention for this year is the inclusion of Snapchat, which they’re bringing on board to some capacity. How they’ll work Snapchat in with their already quite stacked amount of social media support and website updates during the events remains to be seen, but I’m excited to see what they do with it!


As well as this, it seems as if Kitacon are going to have two more radio shows before the Karnival takes place. Kitacon Radio is quite a new feature that they brought in for this year, allowing them to get their message out in new mediums. It’s quite fun to listen to, so if you get a chance, check it out. The next two dates for the radio calendar are:

  • Tuesday 15th March @ 8pm GMT
  • Tuesday 29th March @ 7pm GMT

Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter feeds if you’re looking to find out what Kitacon are up to and remember to come and seek us out if you’re going to this event. If not, look forward to another year of exciting convention going – I’m already excited… There’s only 26 days until we’re back at Kitacon. If you’ve never seen our posts on this event before, please do check out our Kitacon tag!


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